accidental full sun on strep plants

winnjoe(MTL)August 8, 2004

the floor cleaners, instead of moving several streptocarpus into a hall that had already been done, moved them into the quad. They were against the south wall but still got a few hours of full morning sun and now the leaves are brown.

Can the plants be saved? Do I remove the leaves? If a leaf is browned at the end should I cut the end off?

Joe (rank amateur)

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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

Sounds like sunburn. Move them and then grow them a while to see what happens. Sometimes browning is not severe and will recover. Often the brown portions will turn to dead tissue while the green tissue remains intact. You then might want to cut away the dead stuff. It will grow out new leaves and recover though and the ugly leaves may still send up bloom stalks. So I would wait for a few weeks. Sometimes in hot climates the sun can kill a plant outright but here in California they usually just burn tender exposed portions of leaves.


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