Streptocarpus died, no idea why

katsols(7b)August 6, 2013

I've had my strep for 5 months and i was about to re-pot it since they out grow their containers fast, but i noticed each leaf started drying out, not the normal die off where the leave that dries is golden in color but the leaf was still green, just dry and crispy and all the leaves dried and only 2 young ones left and they just became very limp and died as well.
I have no idea what i did wrong, i water it when it is almost dried as a desert and i can tell by weight of container and feeling it with my finger. There were few times where it went completely dry between waterings but it looked fine no limp leaves i always always make sure not to over water so i'm not sure why it died. I was really sad since before that it was doing very well flowering profusely, i want to get another one but how do i know i won't kill it. I've read on this forum how people have trouble keeping their streps alive, i've neeeever killed a plant before so this is upsetting. I had strept Geronimo

p.s. i was also told that streps don't last that long and some are monocarpic.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Geronimo is not monocarpic so it is supposed to live long life.

My guess it was a root rot - and sometimes it is not your fault - it is an infection. I presume you kept it in the original soil and pot.

The way to prevent it - to put a piece of a leaf down for propagatiion as soon as you get a new plant. If you see your plant is wilting - usually you have time to reroot it or save plant material for cuttings.

Things happen - write it off as a learning experience and get yourself another one. Or 2. Try to put pieces for propagation - the baby started in your house will be much more viable.

They are a bit trickier than AVs - but even an AV sometimes catches a root rot and croaks . If you catch it in a beginning - you put a leaf down or cut off the crown and reroot it too.

Good Luck


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Hey irina, i didn't re-pot it when it started drying out and wilting. If it happens again i have to re-pot right away and wash the old soil completely?
I am thinking of getting another one and yes propagating multiple is a good idea, really wish i could have prevented it.
Thank you so much!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Good luck. You cannot just grow somebody else plants. You need to be able to start your own - and then you are not afraid if something gives the ghost... you have babies coming!


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perle_de_or(Zone 7)

I have several very nice Streps, they bloom all the time. I cut a tip from a leaf of each one when I first got them, now I have babies of them as back ups. For me, they propagate very easily, I do them the same way as my violets, and put them in sandwich bags at first. They do very well. I think yours dying was just one of those things, and I would certainly try again.

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