Floppy Sinningias

perle_de_or(Zone 7)August 31, 2013

Hi All,
I have some Sinningias I grew from seed (sown last May). They really did great and I have several varieties. These are not the miniature type. Some of them are really floppy. I was afraid to use sticks to prop them up for fear of damaging the developing tuber. Should I worry about this, or just let them flop over their pots? Some seem pretty spindly and leggy. Others are developing stronger main stems. I am really pleased with them, I am a newbie though, so didn't know if some are just naturally floppy. Thanks for any input.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Sinningias like the light - but it kinda depends on the species. Some - full sun - and minis - happy under 2 T8s. Even under a good light the stems evetually flop - you can stake them for some time - you can use a green florist wire - turned like a candy cane - so you can stick it in the soil at the edge at the pot- and you make a hook out of the horizontal part of the file.
But eventually the stems become too droopy - at that point - if the tuber has another new shoot coming - you trim the old stem and repot the tuber into new soil. If you do not have a new stem coming - trim a stem leaving one internode with leaves trimmed.A tuber goes into the ziplock with a humid perlite - and in a month or two it will send a new shoot. The tip of the stem is really easy to root and create a new plantlet.

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perle_de_or(Zone 7)

Wow, Irina, thanks for this great info. It really helps a lot. I grew these from seed, but have never grown Sinningias before. I instinctively knew I shouldn't push any kind of stake in the middle, so I will follow your tip and get some florist wire. My Sinningias have done well beyond my expectations, I got 29 plants out of a 50 seed pack, several different types and I am trying to learn all about them and eventually hope to get seeds to share too.

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