Streptocarpus questions

andersandy(z5 CO)August 29, 2005

My friend and I have been bitten badly by the streptocarpus bug! I used to grow AV's long ago - even became a judge for awhile. Now it's the streps that have me.

Questions: Is there any resource that would list characteristics of the various named hybrids? For instance, a plant whose leaves want to curl - it could be a characteristic or something attacking it or the wrong growing conditions for it. I have the Dibley book, and have been buying starter plants from various sources. Now, many are large and beginning to bloom. I'm seeing their characteristics individually. The descriptions of the plants (like the wonderful online resource with pictures) are just the positive things - the selling points!

#2: If you have a collection of plants, is there something you routinely do to protect them from various diseases? I remember doing that for my violets - mixing stuff in the soil as i recall. If you are giving away or selling plants, you don't want to give a 'bonus' with them. What do growers use?

That's enough for this posting. I've been following the posts on streps the last couple months and am amazed at the knowledge out there!!

By the way, if there ISN'T any source of info on strep plant characteristics, maybe we should MAKE one. I'm an ex-database designer - it would fit well. We'd just need everyone with experience on various hybrids to send their info! Sandy

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Hi Sandy,

I'm afraid that there isn't a resource for strep characteristics. It's been mentioned before that someone should compile one. It seems that the sellers just get by on a few characteristics to describe streps, e.g., compact, multiflowering, and blooms can be large, small, contrasting throat colour and/or stripes from the throat.

I do the same for streps as for AVs -- I include diatomaceous earth in my soil mix. And I use Neem oil in the spring and the fall.

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Here is site that you might want to subscribe to get e-mails. Many of the people on this mailing list are hybridizers and collectors of gesneriads. They will surely be able to answer any of your questions. I've subscribed to it since I started growing gesneriads and even posted a few questions. So, feel free to lurk on it or post questions.


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Oops, my link didn't come through. Sorry, here it is.


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Motezuma(z5 WV)

Here is another site. One of the most complete I know of. It is kind of a list of characteristics.

-Mo (WV)

Here is a link that might be useful: Carlynn's site

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