Siningia Orange Zinger

aviolet6(7)August 19, 2011

Anyone growing this plant? I just got one, and it looks like it's supposed to stand up right but it won't, it's too tall and heavy and flops over. It's in a tiny pot so I can put it in a bigger one and tie it to something to lean on, but want to make sure first that it is actually supposed to stand upright.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Tricia -

very accurately move your plant to a bigger pot and pot it a bit deeper. use the bamboo skewer or something similar to support the stem with a couple of ties. My prefered mix for sinnigias - 1:1:1 plus a bit of milled NZ sphagnum moss and a bit of coarse perlite.

You probably have a young plant. With time the tuber will grow bigger and will produce stronger stems. But most of the time medium size sinnigias benefit from a discreet support. Most of the sinnigias that grow upright - are the ones that like full sun and are grown outside or in a greenhouse. The home grown plants are not that strong.

It is a beauty.


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