Television ginger growing idea

dancinglemons(7B VA)February 9, 2008

I have read the postings on this forum about putting ginger into ziplock bag with damp paper towel. Then putting bag in some moderately warm place. My house is rather cool mostly around 60-65 degrees because I do not like heat. I could not let the ginger stay on my warming mat because I am starting my seeds for summer garden. I decided to put those zip bags on top of the television because it is always about 70/75 degrees up there. (Old fashioned TV - not flat screen).

Does anyone know if this is too hot for the ginger?? I check it every day and it is OK so far. No sprouts and no mold - just small amount of condensation. Should I cover the zip bags to keep them in the dark??



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That sounds like an interesting idea, but I've always (well, the 3 or 4 times I've done it) started ginger just by putting it somewhere out of the way. Usually I've tried to put it somewhere darkish, we happen to have a cupboard above the fridge, so that's about ideal. I also just left it out in the spare room.

Point being - no particular attention to temperature (or humidity - the "root" itself has a lot of moisture, so I never put it in a bag or anything). Warmish and darkish was enough for me to get good results.

I will say that you have to be careful about picking a nice fresh root. It's pretty to see if the ones your grocery store is selling have seen better days. I find that if they look overly wet or yellow, it's a good indication they've been frozen. If they're wrinkled they've been dried out too much and/or are old. If they have any moldy bits, I wouldn't bother with them.

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