Will it survive?

bunyipFebruary 20, 2007

I have a very nice H. coronarium which lives in a 12" pot and has done beautifully for me the past two summers. Last winter it overwintered in my dark garage -- I cut it down and left it alone, watering it (very) occasionally and bringing it into the light in the house in February, so as to get it going early. This year I followed the same routine, but a couple of weeks ago a contractor left the garage door open for a whole day when the temps were in the teens, and all the lovely new red shoots that were showing froze and turned to mush.

Question -- the rhizomes on the top of the soil seem very firm, and are showing fat hard green bumps in places, but all the shoots have gone. Is this poor plant going to survive, do you think, and what can I do to help it? I had planned to divide the rhizomes this year, since the pot is pretty full but now I'm scared to do anything more than give it water and hover.

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Oh , I think it will be fine. As long as the rhizome is firm and you are seeing new eyes, it will shoot up again. Just give it time, it will come back with new shoots.
I would divide it now too- let it start fresh with room to groove.

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Thanks for the hope! I will certainly divide it -- I was afraid to do that in case I caused it to lose vitality, but the rhizomes certainly seem fat and firm so maybe it will be OK, and it is definitely getting too big for its pot. Thanks!

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