Rest period for Streps or should they keep blooming?

judyj(Z5 CO)August 20, 2014

Currently I have several streps that starting blooming over a month ago. Once they got too big to be under my lights, I moved them out. They still get good light, just not directed fluorescent light.

Three of them-Bristol's Xolo, Black Light and Spin Art-now have fading blooms and no more stalks coming up. Do I need to put them back under lights, or let them rest? Not quite sure what to do here.

Is it that the move from the fluorescent light isn't now giving them what they're used to? They were all raised from babies under that lighting situation.

If it is indeed the case, would I be better raising them in window light to get more consistent blooming?

Thanks for any insight!


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judyj(Z5 CO)

Thought I should add that I have a "Party Boy" strep also that I moved out at the same time. It's getting far less light than the other three, but it's got bloom stalks coming up like crazy.

Thanks again-

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Judy, from what you are describing the light is adequate. There are two things which could explain this. One, if they have been blooming for a long period of time, they are likely just catching their breath. (Taking a short rest)

2nd, you say the plants are large. Look at the leaves which have been blooming. How many flower stalk stubs are there? On average streps will produce 6-7 stalks before stopping. Some varieties more but more than not 7 is the max. Streps bloom most profusely from newer growth so if your plant has many older leaves this maybe why. You could always cut a couple leaves back 1/3rd to spur new growth. That in turn will give more flowers.

Dave G.

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judyj(Z5 CO)

Hi Dave, thanks so much for your response.

They were just too big for the lights they were under-too close to the lights.

I'll take a look at the leaves and report back to you. The quality of light may be different. If I remember correctly, Party Boy has more and longer leaves than the other two but I'm not sure (the others are at work). Tomorrow I'll check them out, and count.


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