What should I do with this ginger

karyn1(7a)February 17, 2007

I have some sort of peach ginger that I planted last summer. I had to take it inside over the winter and it's getting too big. It has a number of stalks and most are about 6' tall. The last one finished flowering about 2 weeks ago. Should I cut the stalks that have already bloomed back or will they continue to grow and bloom again? This plant is just getting way too big to have inside. I'd also love to know what kind it is if anyone can ID it from this pic.


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Hi Karyn1, your ginger appears to be a Hedychium hybrid. These gingers will grow to 6 feet or so and bloom only once on each cane. Cutting off the old cane before it naturally yellows off will reduce the vigor of the next growth. There are lots of neat gingers which are of a more modest size that may fit your growing conditions better. kaempferiaguy

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Oops! I already cut back a couple of the stems that had bloomed. How long does it take before they start to yellow? These just seem to get taller and taller. I'll leave the rest of the stems alone. Just about 2 more months than it can go back outside and I can have my foyer back.

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It seems like you've luck of growing ginger than I. I just lost all both ginger and heliconias over fall and winter. I will plant ginger roots that I brought from Hawaii in March. Would you mind sharing with me what types of medium you used for planting your ginger? Thanks,

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