Kaempferia galanga

Jamus_S(SA Australia)February 1, 2006

Does anyone grow this plant? Have you got experiences, wisdom, you could share with me as I've just obtained a tuber and it seems to be starting to shoot. I have read it's used as a spice in Malaysia, has anyone here grown there own for eating?

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birdlady_liz(z9a cntrl Fla)

Actually I've heard that out in some of the outer reaches of civilization (from someone who actually met people who use it this way)they make little slices in their foreheads and then rub the pulp of the roots in the wounds, as a hallucinogenic. I guess some peole will try just about anything.... I just grow it because it's pretty. Remember don't water in winter when it's dormant and when it's up in growing just keep moderately moist.

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This is a very popular herb used in the cooking of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. I'll give you two links.

This link is more about the tuber, its use and origin:

This link is more on culinary usage:

I ordered a plant online a while back, let me know if you can offer any advice on growing it.

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Jamus_S(SA Australia)

Hi thornyissue, thanks for the links. I am growing it and it seems to be doing fairly well. The plant likes warm humid conditions, lots of water in the growing season and free daining rich soil. I grow mine in a large pot so I can look after it. It goes dormant over winter dying right back to the ground every year. The most important thing is not to water it (or very little water) when it is in its dormant phase otherwise the tubers will rot. I lost one plant like this already and will take more care to keep the pot dry this winter.

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