Pineapple Ginger? Any such thing?

bruggirl(8b)February 23, 2005

Can't find it online. We were sold some at the Garden Center where I work, and it smells and looks like cardamon, so I suspect that's what it is.

Anyone ever heard of it?

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I think it was called pineapple because of the flower shape. There is one on ebay describing it this way.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pineapple ginger

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Strange! I swear, it smells just like cardamon.

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TimChapman(Z8 Louisiana)

Pineapple Ginger is normally used to refer to Curcuma, ie 'Hidden Ginger.' But common names are problematic enough, with ebay it gets even worse. The Zingiber in the auction, Z. zerumbet is normally referred to as 'Shampoo' or 'Pinecone' Ginger... pine cone pine apple, almost the same. If you had a photo of the foliage it could be narrowed down at least. Curcuma, Zingiber, and Alpinia (which is probably what you know as cardamom) all have different foliage.

Tim Chapman

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Tim, Why do you think that Alpinia would be referred to as Cardamom?? I'm learning that Elleteria cardamom is very rarely correctly IDed in this country when it is for sale.....I'm trying to learn a bit more about ginger so that when I import them with my other plants I am a bit more clued in :o) Dan

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TimChapman(Z8 Louisiana)

The best I can think of is that the description of Elettaria usually includes a comment about the scented foliage. And the very common Alpinia nutans and others also have scented foliage (but rarely ever bloom). Somewhere along the way someone tried to ID the alpinia with nothing to go on but that and some basic info. When either of these things blooms, there is no question what they are or aren't... but going by foliage alone is whats been happening.

This has been the case since before I grew my first ginger. Now, unfortunately, somebody (who shall remain nameless) put in Alpinia calcarata as A. galanga at a tissue culture lab. Even though it is easy to get real galanga, there are probably thousands of mislabeled plants out there.

Tim Chapman

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I guess I'll go back and retag them as pineapple ginger until they bloom, but I swear, they smell and look exactly like cardamom. Hopefully, at least one will bloom this year, so I can find out once and for all what they are.

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The foliage on these looks exactly like my cardamom at home, and nothing like my pinecone gingers. Plus, they didn't die down during the winter like the pinecone ginger or the curcumas. We also have curcumas, and they're dormant now.

I'll try to get a picture of the foliage for you, but I think for now, I'm going to retag them and wait for them to bloom.

I do know they are busting out of their pots!

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TimChapman(Z8 Louisiana)

If the plant in question never went dormant, it most likely is an alpinia. Sometimes names just get totally screwed up and that seems to be the case here.

As for Elettaria vs. Alpinia, you probably have an Alpinia nutans that was labeled as cardamom, not the real elettaria cardamomum. The Elettaria is available now, but not on any real widespread basis, unlike the alpinia nutans which is one of the most common gingers around. I have a few photos of the alpinia, but won't try to load any til my server swap over is complete in another couple days (leaving a webhosting company that pretty much refuses to fix a major problem of theirs that has messed up my emails for months, but I digress). I do have a page up for the Elettaria. The foliage/clump shot isn't the greatest but you can tell its a taller plant than the Alpinia nutans, and not as thick of a clump, etc.

Tim Chapman

Here is a link that might be useful: Elettaria cardamomum

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Thought it was a Pinecone ginger but if it is different AND does not go dormant, I WANT a Pinapple Ginger!!

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jeffseattle(z6 PA)

I read somewhere that you can distinguish Elettaria from Alpinia by the the texture of the leaves. Is that true? I have a lot of something that was labeled cinnamon ginger at the nursery; I'm pretty sure it's Alpinia nutans. The foliage smells like cinnamon bark when brushed.

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I have 2 neighbors that say they have ginger plants. One is "Pineapple" Ginger, the other doesn't know what specific variety she has. Is all ginger edible? I don't want to take a plant offered to me that might poison my family by mistake. I don't know a lot about ginger but I've been told repeatedly ginger tea helps with breathing problems. I have asthma and my Dad has COPD and my Mom gets short of breath for no known reason (I think it's because she is a cigarette smoker) so we are all interested in this. Someone here said if the original poster had a pic of the foliage it would be easier to identify it. I don't know how to do that either. Is there a way to post a pic here or would someone who can identify from foliage mail me so I can send them pics? I'll try to get pics of them flowering if possible.

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