Ate your fragrant plants still outside?

meyermike_1micha(5)September 26, 2012

If not, where are they?

My Brunfelsia, Gardenia, and Camelias are still sucking up all the fresh air and blue skies despite the cooler temps!!!!

When will yours come in?

I just love the fact that all this cool weather has had no negative effect on my plants. In fact, with these cooler nights, my gardenia'a are flowering more than ever!

What about yours?


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hi Mike!
yes mine are all outside, we have around 25C during the day lately (but with fluctuations between 15-30C!!) with a bit of rain too and the gardenias the clematis and my brugmansia look much better than during the heat..they will go inside around december, maybe the plumerias too, if not a little sooner...I started worrying about my tropicals as it is my first year with most of them and they are quite small so I will have to do a bit of research these days .. I remember reading about one that can not stand temps lower than 20C which is a bit extreme but I cannot remember which it was!!

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Yes, mine are all still out. We did have some frost few nights back. I was moving in and out my orchids , but this is too much work for me. I decide to leave them out last night, they are all fine. They are tougher than I thought they were. I will not worried about bring them in till the temperature are in 30s. I think the ground is still warm.

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Howdy. I'm guilty, too. lol.

Doubt I have as many fragrant plants as most here, but those I have are outside.

Hoyas, Gardenias, Citrus, Aglaia, Brugmansia, 1 Orchid, Gingers...what else is fragrant??
This year, I didn't haul as many tropicals as usual..mostly succulents.

Normally, it takes 2-3 weeks, 'w/o spending the day on GW,' to bring plants inside. This year, because many need repotting, 'which I don't recommend this time of year, but haven't any choice,' will take longer.

Each plant needs hosing, re-hosing, and spraying. The hosing is done to rid SPIDERS and ANTS. LOL. I DETEST spiders..the thought of a spider jumping on me gives me the creeps. I'd pass out if one of those thick-bodied/legged spiders happened to crawl up my arm or anywhere else on my body. Wish they'd go elsewhere, other than make homes in my plants.

I pray the cold moves them out of my plants to another area, but wonder if they instead, hide inside the dirt??

Weather-people keep changing their predictions. First we were supposed to have nights in the 30's, which changed to 40's..Then the other day they said 50+ degree it's back to 40's. Day temps changed 60's.

Yesterday, I bought in most Euphorbias, because some leaves had frost-bite. Obviously, they will fall off.

Wish everyone here warmer days and nights, w/o frost issues. Toni

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Well everyone? I know many of you here, and none of you are bringing your plants in yet? Isn't snowing at your place right now? How are they, your plants responding to being indoors? What plant went in what spot?

Hello Toni! First off I just wanted to say my prayers are with you. I hope everything turns out ok for you:-)

Well Toni, what do I have to say to your post....SAME HERE! LOL I I hear you about all the work and

Olympia, how'd you do that? Post several It has happened to me too. How does it happen I wonder? Must stop growing and that is it. The citrus and others are a lot tougher than I was led to believe. I see that they don't die, they just go into suspended animation until it warms again.
In fact, many of my plants flower profusely caused by the cold temps, even my orchids. I think many plants need the cold to be triggered into doing so.

Toni, spiders? lol I hate spiders and centipedes of course. How do you spell that anyhow? lol

Fenius...I hear ya. I just hate bringing them in...

Well, since I am always adding to everyone else's threads and have know many for years, where are you all? I hope ok.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Brought 'em in over the weekend (the basement was a mini plumeria forest!). Now I'm bringing them out during the day and then back inside at night. Gotta luv exercise through plants! :)


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Most my orchids are jammed on a 7' shelf. It is very difficulty to water them without risking of break a leaves or stem. Has to be very careful, like a surgeon...
Some Jasmines are in , some are still out. My Stephanotis occupied its old spot in the past 6 years, right in front of a window, acting like a nature curtain, or nature view block. It has been flowering since, and is still flowering ...
Need to put more hooks on the ceiling for all the hanging/ trailing plants...Over the weekend, I finally put a light stand together, 5' tall and 5' wide with two fluorescent 4' tube lights, Have not decided for which plants yet...
Meyer is still outside, so does other citrus. I moved them closer to the house though. Angles are still trumpeting, so I will let them still be outside till they defoliated naturally. Hmm, I still have about 1/3 of my collection needs to move inside... There are always plants pop up, wasn't accounted for...
My Buddha's Hand is still flowering and fruiting...It is least hardy in the citrus family. So I am doing what Robert is doing, move it in and out according to the sun and temperature. This sucker is 30 lb and 5' tall in a heavy pot.. Well, I have to say that we probably treat plants far better, and have far more patient than we treat each other...

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Mike, thank you. I really appreciate your kind words.

During the last week, 'especially when they predicted night temps of 31F,' I brought quite a few plants in, but there's still many to go.

Gardenia, Hoyas, 2 Bird of Paradise, Tradescantas, Aglaia, Clivia, and more..Plus, several succulents.
Thankfully, it hasn't rained..with rain and icy nights, I can only imagine the harm it would have caused.

Although I planned on repotting citrus, 'I know it's late in the year,' as soon as I heard below freezing temps, I hauled citrus and Olive in gh.

A few plants have frost-bite, especially my Coffee Tree. I feel terrible...obviously, those leaves will fall.

Wish they'd make up their minds..Yesterday, I checked the WC..they said days in the upper 60's, nights in the 40's. A couple hours later it changed..Except for today which is supposed to be 67F, the rest of the week will be cold/back to nights in the 30's..

Mike, when will you bring your Jades in? What temps? Toni

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Olympia! You certainly have a way with making me laugh! lolol
Your plants are still 'trumpeting?lol

Oh, tell mw about teh moving in and out thing! I think I get more exercise doing that than at the gym. Some of my pots can way a ton to carry upstairs, just to see the 70's return a few days later and bring them back

My Brunfelsia, the only one left outside seems to be very unhappy and it as grown like the bean stalk! I have to cut it way back so I can fit it in my house, or throw it out.
I forget what it's liek loose many plants before teh fall do to poor growing practices. Now that I know what I am doing, I can't seem to kill them. They grow so big, they belong in a jungle and not my house.
And to add to that, I have a hrd time using scissors! I wish I could let them grow as big as they want and fit them all, since bigger plants mean much more flowers. Oh well, what to

If anyone wants a good size flowering Brunfelsia, or a flowering size Hoya or Hoya's, let me know. Maybe I can come up with others too. All you have to do is pay postage. It's a lot cheaper than E-bay. Do you know what you pay for mature specimens that flower?
I just can't fit them anymore and they are soooooo beautiful and smell soooooo good!


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Oops! Toni!

I forget to tell you when my jades will come in.
They are all still outside and I think I will bring them in, in a couple of weeks.

Depending on the weather, I like to bring them in before Halloween. This way, my electric bill will stay low as long as I can keep it that way.

They all do ok, even if temps get close to freezing because the mixes don't stay that damp. I know I am chancing it, but I really HATE to turn them lights on I'll tell you.

By the way, I really think that your husband and son should help you out considering all that you have been through. Let's hope they feel for you:-)

Your POOR coffee tree! It will be ok for sure.


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Hi, Mike, the Brunfelsia you try to root for me this early spring finally rooted? That is so great! I would like to try Hoya too. Is Hoya a easy plant to grow? Anything else that can't fit in in your house, I'll get a truck ready... LOL.
I will send you a e-mail.

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Actually, a cat found that little pond area and pulled all my cuttings out along with my pet bullfrog!-(((

But, you can have one of the mature ones I have and a Hoya too!

I'll have to find a box big enough and then ship it with soil around wrapped in plastic. I think you will love them. Let men see if I can take a pic for you.

Look at the color of this Hoya and it flowered all summer. Notice the flower nod starting again?

Here is the Brunfelsia. It was at least 3 feet tall, VERY full loaded with leaves, before I cut it way back for the winter. Notice how happy and thick the trunk is. It was loaded with dozens of flowers all summer long. It was very difficult for me to cut it way back like this:-( I wish I lived in a warm climate so I could let all my fragrant plants go wild. This one plus my other

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One other thing...Just ask Robert, he'll tell you all.

Even to get a small Brunfelsia can be quite expensive, but to get one this big, the price would be out of range for many and it would be a shame to see it waste away in my cold room. I not sure if it will do good in a cold room all winter with little sunlight, since my citrus take presidence, so if you can't take it Olympia, I'll probably end up offering it to someone here, but you are my first since you have been good to me too.


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Morning Everyone....

Well, last night it not only RAINED, but there were FLURRIES, mixed in. How about that? My poor babies.

Today, I'm cleaning windows and shelves so all my plants can be brought in....MINUS Spiders!!

Do spiders hide inside soil? Anyone know? Where do they go when it's really cold outside??

Mike, as usual, your plants are GORGEOUS!!! Each and every one.

Your beautiful Hoya Carnosa has soooo many white know we agree on non-green foliage? Variegated, but don't know if white leaves are considered variegated....

Mike, your Brunsfelsia got so big. I think that's the same plant? Is it?

BTW, is that variegated Lily or Orngmental Grass to the left of your Hoya? Very pretty.

Mike, tomorrow morning I have to go for the test at the hospital where they knock me out...dh and ds better help! If only I'd win the'd buy my own home, or rather, buy land, design a house w/a large, built-in solarium, take my plants, dog, birds, clothes, other odds and ends, and leave. Start over.
Dh and ds can live here, in a messy broken-down house.


Mike, what I meant to ask about Jades..what's the lowest temps before your bring them indoors? You mentioned as low as freezing, but how many days of 32F or lower can they take?

As cold as it's been, I'm still awaiting autumn color Other plants have deep red hues, but the Jades are still green. Will they change color once inside? Toni

PS. RE the Subject Line/Name of Link.
I thought you were going to come over and eat my fragrant know I love you...

Also, it's huge.

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Toni...First off, I wish you all the luck. You need it. Please make sure you tell me how things go, ok?

I also wanted to thank you for caring about my Mom and Dad. Boy,when does it ever end, right> Now to worry about the cold coming so fast. We never had time to do everything we wanted to do.
At least all my plants are in one spot and I can rush them into the house if I have too.
It is suppose to be the coldest day yet by Saturday morning. Possibly 20's by morning, then get this, back into teh 70's by Sunday.

You like that Hoya? I LOVE the white too. That is what everyone seems to comment about when they come over. It is much whiter than usual for that plant.
You noticed all the variegated plants in teh ground too. You are too funny! You know me, If it's not fragrant, then next, it has to be very

Snow flurries! I'll be dang! Talk about an abrupt end to temps that our plants can bare. It's a joke.

Thnak soso much for your nice comments on my plants. I am just so glad I found this forum to get to where I am today!

Million dollars, I wish!

Same Brunfelsia! It was only 1/4 that size last year. Oh, what a most beautiful plant when you let it grow as big as it wants. It whaffs the whole yard at night better than any other plant I can think of.

I will not let my jades be exposed to temps that low. Once I start seeing under forty, I will bring them in and then out them out the next day. When I see it will be under 40 consistently, in they come for the winter. I can't take any chances with the extremly rare ones I have.

Your jades won't be turning any color any time soon. You need a window of very cool temps at night, and a very warm sun by day. That was back in Setember. We have such a small window of time here to have that, and if it is rainy or cloudy in that time, you can forget about it:-(

The more I think of it, the more I realize our weather works against us on most of our plants. It stinks!
I can't even keep my plumeria or desert roses out when temps drop lower then the 50's.

Good luck tomorrow. I pray everything goes well for you.


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Howdy Mike,

I'm doing a million things..Making a big pot of stew, 'can't eat solid food, started @ 11am this morning, until tomorrow after the test,' washing clothes, watering indoor plants, cleaning, and bringing a few plants inside from the cold...and it IS cold. A couple at a time..

Thank you, Mike...the doc said after the test, not to drive, or even go outside don't know what condition I'll be in after..Knowing me I'll RUN out of the

Mike, I feel terrible about your parents..I pray both will resume health. Your mom must me climbing the walls.

Wish I can place all my plants in one spot like you but gotta kill the spiders which means first hosing and re-hosing, then once in the house, showering under the sink..

OMG, I thought you left Jades out until temps were in the 30's...I sure got that wrong!!! They've been out when nights were 31. oh oh, hope leaves don't drop after they're inside.

20's to 70's..a 50 degree increase..yes, that IS crazy! Thankfully, my Gardenia is out when temps drop that much, it's dragged in the house..if temps up, outside it goes..The problem is leafdrop..the colder the temp drop, and the longer a Gardenia is outside, more chance of leaves dropping once brought indoors..This winter, a leaf-less 'denia. lol.

Although I adore fragrant plants, variegation comes first. Flowers last 'x' long, but leaves are always there to see. Unless deciduous..

Yep, your Hoya is beautiful. Was it outside in full sun?

Yep, I recall when you posted Brunsfelsia's really grown.

The room Jades will be is cool at night, but not many warm, sunny days. Although Jades will get arificial light..Still, lights don't provide as well as the sun.

Plumeras are super cold-sensitive. I have two now, but as soon as leaves drop, they're going to be removed from pot, wrapped in newspaper, then placed in the basement.
This is the first time over-wintering Plumerias in the basement, so wish them

Adeniums do okay in the cold..but not freezing. My poor Adeniums spent the night out when temps were 31. I felt terrible..they're all cozy and warm now. :))

Mike, how's your foot? Any pain? I hope it heals soon. You've dwelt with pain far too long.

Well, thanks again..maybe we'll all have mild

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Hi, Toni. Hope everything is alright with you.

Last night, northwest suburb was warm, in 40's. I was out visiting my parents and it was rained around 7:30. I am lucky, we did not get any FLURRIES at all.

Here is the picture of my over crowded plants shelf.

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Another, Stephanotis.

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Oh, I have the same sure fits a lot of plants, right?..And yep, yours is crowded,

What is the plant on the second tier, in back that has buds? It's going to have quite a few flowers.

Wow, look at that Stephanotis!!!! It's huge. Where did you find such a large Steph? It's beautiful! Wait until it blooms!

The last couple weeks, our dog has been barking and growling, 'all 19lbs' out the back door betweeen 9:30-10.00pm.
Sure enough, there's a possum that's been visiting..Not just a possum, but a monster possum. I swear, he/she is the largest we'd ever seen.

He/she is no longer afraid when we turn on the back light. I tried snapping pics, through the glass, lol, but they came out blurry. His head is is his body, although he's lost weight the last week or so.
Anyway, being nature, 'not spider/bugs' lovers, we've been setting scraps out for Mr. Possum. Last night it was ate the entire thing, and still looked for more. I feel sorry for him/her.

Anyway, that's how we noticed the flurries. I felt like my plants are outside, and it's Snowing!

Thankfully, no accumulation.

You have beautiful plants, OG.

BTW, have you been outside the last hour? I've been bringing plants inside since noon. Temps dropped about 15 degrees..This is just awful.

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Hi, Toni. I have two of these shelves... I should have bought one more... I got this one and a black one. I like the look of the black one much better. Its height is adjustable and can hold a a lot of plants... but never enough plants. LOL.
This shelf is mainly for orchids. Although I have orchids in other places depends on the stage of their life. I also squeeze in here and there few small pot of other plants, if there is room for it. The plant you were asking, I think, is an ornamental pepper.
The Stephanotis is huge! It is still flowering , you can see the flowers on left side of the picture. I grow it from seeds... 6-7 years ago.. or maybe longer...It is one of my favorite flowers, besides of it is huge and heavy, break my back every time I move it. It blooms all summer long and its fragrance sweet, clear, not overpowered. It is a quite easy plant to keep.
I like dogs. I am a dog person stuck with a tom cat. But he is a very good behaved cat. Never on the tables. I taught him to obey "sit" command, and he did. My co-worker does not believe that till I showed him the video.I grow fond of him.
Yuk, possum. We had a possum showed up on second floor kitchen when I was in college. Don't know how he got up so high. None of us knew what was it. One of my roommate called policy. I can't stand it has not much hair on the body.

I went out this morning, it is cold. Meyer does not look very happy, but my Winter Jasmine is just fine. It should give me a lot of flowers if I leave it out till low 30s. This cold weather seem does not both my Angel Trumpet that much, only slow down the growth. They still have a lot of flower buds. This is my first year of growing this plant. I have no idea how low temperature it can take. But it seem to me they have less problem now than they were in summer... They seemed always ran out of steam everyday in summer for growing so fast. Maybe the idea of winter is coming has not sink into their mind yet. Here is the picture I took this morning.
What percentage of the plants you have moved indoor now? What plant do you left outside? I remember I saw one of you large Orange Jasmine, what do yo do to winterize this plant? I have a small one that has not flowered yet.

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Olympia and others.....

Toni is going for her MRI this am. Let's hope for the best for her. I hope she comes back soon to let us know she is ok.


I'll have more to add later...

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Hello!!! What a beautiful, but chilly, day!

Mike, thank you and others who said a prayer. Although the test wasn't an MRI, we'll stick with MRI for the time being. :)

Thanks soooo much Mike. I apprecate your prayers..And thank God I am home. I don't like hospitals, (almost as much as spiders, lol) and hopefully never have to go back.

Hi OG,

You have two metal shelves..don't blame you for wanting another. Now is the best time to purchase a third..they're usually on sale. I believe the first we bought was 29.99 during summer..In autumn, they were half price. So, if you're interested in buying a third, they should be on sale. At Home Depot, don't know about other shops.

Actually, the black shelf might look nicer, but I prefer brighter colors..reason being, lighter colors and sun work together. Our walls are painted the brightest color possible. Semi-Gloss White. Won't even use Egg-Shell. lol.

Funny, squeezing plants..that's what we have to do...squeeze

What type of Orchids do you have?

Ah, your budding plant is probably Ornamental Pepper. They have such pretty peppers, various colors.

You grew your Stephanotis from seed? Wow, that's fantastic! OG, it's beautiful and a lot more meaningful when sowed from seed, brought alive by your own hands. Know what I mean?
It looks heavy..
I scrolled up and saw the flowers..I thought Stephs were spring bloomers? Or do they bloom whenever?

Don't know what you do but I had a Steph over 10-yrs, never bloomed.
The scent of Steph flowers is so very sweet. Home Depot used to sell Stephs in spring. While walking past, the fragrance was exceptional.

I love dogs, cats and birds..Our last cat went to kitty-heaven a few days after his 17th birthday. He was good w/the birds, but you never know. His name was Halloween. We adopted him from a man who found mom and kittens hidden in his back yard. Halloween was about 8-weeks when we adopted him. He was special, too.

Our son has an at the time, we have more than enough pets to keep birds, Cockatiels. As much as I LOVE them, they are messy. A Shih Tzu who wants constant attention..I swear, he's like a 2-yr-old. lol.

How old is your cat? It's great you trained him to stay off plant shelves..Cats are much smarter than most people think. Especially people who dislike cats...Seems they don't want to believe a cat can be trained.

OG, lol, I don't care for possums either, but this guy is amazingly huge..His head is larger than my dog, Coco's head. Coco is quite furry. I want to snap a pic of the possum, because unless one actually sees this guy, they wouldn't believe its size. I'm not really afraid, but do fear getting bit, although possums are known to play dead when scared..Still, I don't want to take a chance, end up getting Rabie shots.

Possums are nothing more than a light-color, I feel sorry for him/her..He/she is hungry, cold, and without family. Don't know how he/she gets in our's fenced in.

Funny about finding a possum in the dorm. Most people born and raised in the city have no idea what a possum looks like.

First time I saw one..I lived in Chicago, 2nd floor appartment building. I was taking out the trash.I turned around, and on the 2nd floor steps sat this ugly, unknown thing. I ran so fast, garbage fell everywhere. I called the police, Turned out, someone in the building raised him/her in their appartment. Their pet! It's illegal keeping wildlife indoors.

So, I know how you felt finding a possum in the kitchen of your dorm.
Maybe someone was playing a practical joke???

Oh, it was freezing this morning. When we left for the hospital, steam emitted from our breaths..Didn't have time to check temps, but it felt like 20F.

OG, my Brug was much smaller when purchased in spring. I planted in the garden..A couple wks ago, I transplanted in a pot. It looked awful. It took about a week, but standing perky. Not like it did when planted in the garden though..lost sooo many leaves.

I'm not sure how much cold Brugs can take. They're tropical plants, so I would think, they might take a few days of freezing temps, but not prolonged periods.

Your Brug buds are so large, I see why you're waiting to bring indoors..don't want them to drop, right?

You're right..during July, when temps were 100-104, most plants stopped growing..They're putting on more growth now than in summer..

I can check temps when your BRug should be brought inside for you if you'd like. Let me know. Don't want your Brug freezing..How tall is it?
Do you let it go dormant in winter or allow to grow?

Let's many plants are outside?? Probably Succulents, Yucca, Pandanus/Screw Pine, Hoyas, Plectranthus, Tradescantias, 3 Hibiscus, 'tropical types,' Agaves, Aloes, JADES, PRegnant Onion...there's more but can't recall which are left.
Although they told me to rest today, lol, if temps warm up I'm going to bring a few more inside..the nights get way too cold..

Murray/ORange Jasmine...It used to go in the upstairs bedroom, south window. Bloomed all winter. Now, that it's larger, I haven't any room, so it goes in a small green house dh bought one year for Christmas..

I still have to find room for Gardenia, D. Marginata and Cinnamon trees..they come in the house..guess the plant room is going to be very very

Oh I also have two large Ming and Fox Tail Ferns..oh brother, totally forgot them..they usually are wintered in the back room, but probably loaded w/ants and SPIDERS!!!

OG, about ORange Jasmine. I found it at Osco in 1999. It was a small tree..they're slow-growers, so don't might even be grafted, 'forgot.' GRafted plants grow a little faster than non-grafted.

Orange Jasmine/Murraya has a relative I'd like to get..Problem is, it's only sold at if I ordered 1 plant plus shipping, it'd cost about 35.00...It was out of stock when I ordered a Thanksgiving Cactus 'Aspen' and a Begonia curly Fire Flush.

Anyway, your plants are beautiful and hopefully will do fine this winter...

Mike, thanks again, hugs, Toni

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Hi, Toni. sounded like everything went smoothly on you this morning. Hope you are alright. Glad to hear it is not MRI. I once saw on TV talking about the dangerous of over exposed to radiation. Nowadays, it is prescribed so often by Drs., patients get more than they need amount of radiation which actually cause serious health problems.

Wow, you really have a very large varieties of plants. Green house definitely is a must. As my total Qty of plants grow every year, I start seriously thinking about putting a 10x10 green house in the back yard.

Thanks for the Orange Jasmine grow tips. I will put it in south face window too. Grafted Orange Jasmine? how interesting! What kind of root stock it grafts on?

My Brugs are about 3' tall, not as tall as I was told. I saw a huge Brug, about 10', over the roof at one of local nursery, amazing size and tons of flowers! I am grafting two color brugs together. I need to wait for two more weeks in order for the grafted joint to take place. I figured , I might just let them defoliated naturally outside, then bring them inside without any leaves on which means less nasty bugs hidding in the plants. Do you know if they defoliate first or whole plant just turns mushy.?

I orchids collection is pretty random, as long as the flowers are fragrant or showy. I get most of mine at Haussmans orchid farm in Addison. you must know this orchid farm. They have very nice collection of orchids and extended collection of lady's slipper . I love to just stop by and browsing ...Most often, ended up with more orchids than my hands can carry... One great advantage of buying from local farm is that you can see what you get, meanwhile save a lot of shipping cost. Needless to say that if it was not because the shipping cost, I would have had a lot more plants in the house!

I think I bought my shelf at Menards, I think was $45 a piece with $25 rebate, I remember I only paid about $20 a piece. If I see such deal again, I will buy couple more. Check Menards, they have the best price for most of things. Their flower pot price is very good too.

There are so many things need to done before winter come. Once the plants are in, the yard has to cleaned up. things need to be put away for next year... I have fig cuttings coming early next week, this weekend, I need to get the containers ready to root the cuttings. Oh, well a lot of work ahead!

Appreciate all your help. You take good care of yourself, toni, Have plenty of rest.

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Hi OG...thanks so much.
About MRI's..I had a knee MRI two weeks ago, and a spine MRI last wk...Yesterday was something entirely different.
MRI's don't have radiation..They detect, whatever problem, by magnetic impulses. No radiation like an X-ray, or possibly Cat Skan. sp. MRI's are much better finding a problem than an X-ray or CatSkan. Okay, enough about health

A word of advice..if you invest in a green house, get the largest you can. Mine is only winter, it's packed..hard to water or even walk 10x10 sounds fine, but if you add trees, space decreases fast..Believe me..Plus, plants grow..something I seem to forget. In the 90's, we used to visit the Conservatory..Garfield Park and Oak Park..I got hung up on Agaves, so ended up buying little 4" specimens..Well, those Agaves are now big, take a LOT of space..but I hope you get a gh..they're nice..

OG, I'm unsure if my OJ is grafted..have to check. 99% of my citrus are grafted on Poncirus root stock.

Your Brugs will grow..They'll get huge, in time. Think I mentioned...this was back in early 2000..I got a 7" Brug in the mail..instead of potting it up, it was planted in the ground..By autumn, it was 3'..I dug it up, breaking several roots, but it lived over 10 yrs. The following year I planted in the ground autum it was 7' tall...After all that time, I found out BRugs were toxic to birds, so it ended up in the trash..This happened before I had the gh.
I planted the newer BRug in the garden this spring/'s grown, but not as tall as the first. BTW, the second BRug is grafted and variegated.
Your Brug will grow..if you want a huge tree, can you plant in the garden next spring???

Wow, you know how to graft? That's fantastic. Wish I had your talent. You don't want your BRug turning mushy..Mush means it's dead. Felled leaves are common..
Do you want your Brug to grow as a tree or bush?

We went to Hausermanns twice..The first time, one woman was really rude..the gh was closed, but the next door florist, 'if it's still around,' was opened. Our son was about 7..We walked out back, where a couple hundred Orchids grew..she followed us and shouted..DON'T TOUCH THE PLANTS.' My goodness, I couldn't believe this woman. No one was touching anything. I said, in a VERY loud tone, 'LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!' So we left..we went back in the late 2000 when the gh/main store was open..Ppl there were much nicer..there was an orchid sale, so I ended up w/2 at 7.00 each. lol. Both died..they were my first orchids. boo

OG, do you know if Hausermann's sells ORchid Bark? Not Orchid mix, but bark? I've been searching everywhere, and so far, guess I'll end up ordering online. Yes, shipping IS a problem.

How often do your Orchids bloom? Any fragrant? I buy baby ORchids, so prices are inexpensive, even w/shipping..out of state....................No 10% XXX

Thanks for the tip on Menards. Thankfully, there are two about 10 minutes away, different directions though..I'll have to check both stores.

You got a great deal on your shelves..Wow.

Do you feel there's more work in autumn than spring? Hauling plants out isn't that much of a deal, but bringing them back inside is.
Plus the cleaning! I first wash windows before setting plants on their shelves..then there's the outside cleanups..raking, you said..

What type of figs are you getting? Are they hardy or will they grow in pots? Do you root in soil? Indoors?
Interesting. Well, good luck with your figs..Other than tropical Ficus, I don't have luck w/figs. Planted an 'alleged' hardy fig outdoors a few years ago..By spring it was a

Thanks for everything, OG..take care..hugs, Toni

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Toni, Do yo know MRI is based on nuclear magnetic resonance technology? They marketed MRI instead of NMR because the negative connotations associated with the word nuclear. They don't want people to be scared. r image of particular area.

Thanks for the GH advice, I will keep it in mind when I am doing researching and shopping... I am think of one that attched to the house, look like a half of upside down "U". I need to check with the village to see if it is permitted or not.

Sorry to hear there was a rude woman working there, when you were at Haussman many years ago. I don't think that woman is still working there... My experiences with them are very positive every times... Very helpful , and friendly people, they wrap individual orchids before put them in the box, and help me to carry my purchase to the car... They do have the orchid bark, both small and large size bark, about $5 a very large bag. They also carry orchid charcoal, coarse perlite, orchid moss, etc. orchids grow supply. I also found that their clad orchid pots cost less than Home Depot too. Unfortunately, It is 45 minutes away from where I am at so I can't go there often. I always enjoy their spring open house. Their bare root orchids are great deal, about $10, you can get a bloom size orchids. I don't know what it is, many young orchids died on me so I try to avoid buying young orchid plants. But for those mature orchids, I have never had single one died . All are growing very well, put out many new growth and beautiful bloom every year. Most of my orchids are fragrant, or some sort of scent. I was looking at few Cymbidin orchids that Haussmans does not carry.10% shipping is very low. good to know.

None of my Brugs has leaves turn color or fall off yet. I suspect it can take more cold. I have thought about putting them in ground. but I don't like big holes that I have to fill in the fall.

You are really a busy woman, washing windows these things... Don't do it all by yourself, ...Ask your HD help. Man are quiet capable of helping around the househood. Take care and have a good weekend.

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Hey OG. About MRI's..I was told and read they were safer than X-Rays, so what can one do?
They detect much better than X-rays, that's for sure.
My doctor sent me for an X-ray of my knee..When the X-ray tech asked the reasons I needed an X-ray, and I explained, he shook his head..He said, Toni, I don't understand why your doc ordered an X-ray for your problem. You need an MRI. 'Which I ended up getting a couple weeks later.' For a tech to admit an X-ray was useless makes me wonder why so many are given. MRI's are expensive, but when someone has chronic pain, and an X-ray doesn't show everything, plus they too are now costly,' it makes one wonder.

Nuclear is a scary word, though...:(

I wish we had a solarium, lol, but that'll never happen. Think you're talking about a Lean To. Usually a smaller gh that attaches to the house.
Once you're on the home page click on Sussex or Kensington. Charley's prices increased, but you can get an idea of home-attached green houses..those you'd consider and like. They sure are pretty.

Lol, we were supposed to notify the village, get and 'pay' for a permit, but imo, since we already pay taxes, and it's our property, why should a person have to pay for something they place on their property..
Here, one needs a permit to work on their outdoor steps. What BS! The whole thing makes me sick.
We're supposed to pay a yearly fee, per pet,'s none of their business.
Too many laws, all crap. Money, money and more money.

OG, I'm unsure of the the exact years we went to Hausermann's, but both times were in the 90's.

Normally, I wouldn't say something so mean but that rude woman should have been fired.
Well, it's her loss..I'm sure I'd have purchased something..But florist prices were too expensive anyway..Way more than the main Hausermann's gh.

OG, thanks for the heads up on Housermann's supplies..I just checked their site; they sell bark..size needed, too..

Hausermann's is in Villa Park, on Addison Road. Depending on time of day and traffic, we could be there in 20 minutes..but w/the rain, it'd take an hour..It's pouring!

I also need to go to a place called Schroeder's Materials in Worth...They sell coarse sand called Torp, and the smallest Pea Pebbles..perfect for succulents.
Son and I drived to Worth summer 2011. I bought two 25lb bags of sand, and one, 25lb bag of pebbles..price came out to 2.75. lol..what a deal! I need to go back, too..

Regarding Perlite. I found a seller here in IL. He sells large 25lbs bags of coarse Perlite..Instead of having it shipped, we drove to his house..Paid 20.00 for 50lbs..not bad..right?

Problem is, I don't like driving long distances, but don't want to pay shipping charges either..each company, of course, happens to be in opposite directions. lol. Murphy's Law!

I rarely purchase small bags..expensive and goes fast.

Og, most of my plants were purchased small, except for one Gardenia, citrus, 'size between 2.5-3' tall,' and a Cinnamon Tree, purchased at HD for 4.00.
I kill small Gardenias, so when it was purchased, 1994/5, it stood about 1' tall.

Wish it wasn't raining..I'd like to shop at a few places for repotting supplies. Get it over.

When you said you buy larger ORchids, how tall did you mean?
Mature Orchids are too costly, unless on sale. Something I rarely, it's babies or nothing.

OG. just counted. I have 16 Orchids plus one variegated Vanilla and one green Vanilla Orchid. So, 18 in all. None are really tall..they fit on a home-made shelf dh made..he added lights on each shelf. The plastic shelf cost 20.00 at Menards. Doubt I'd buy more, unless a fragrant flowered type came along..I think ALL fragrant orchids cost a small fortune???

Wow, you have fragrant ORchids? What scent are flowers? I've NEVER smelled a fragrant Orchid bloom.

Surprising, the variegated Brug hole wasn't all that large..Unlike my first Brug. Less roots, too.

I think leaves tend to fall more after Brugs are brought indoors..Outside, they get better light, and fresh air. Once inside, especially when heat is turned on, they lose the requirement of fresh, circulating air and sun..although, I don't expect much light in winter. You know how it goes...

Every so often I turn on the ceiling fan so air rotates. It helps to a degree, but nothing beats fresh, outdoor air.

Ha, dh does very little work, if any..But, he goes to work daily, so I don't say matter how messy and lazy he happens to At times I get irritable when he and son are lying around and I'm rushing to get things done. It's frustrating...but what can I do?
Our son is an adult, capable of helping, but dh doesn't admonish him while he's lying in bed, watching TV or listening to music on Youtube.

I bought a few hanging planters from Collections Inc..they're so cute. A few came w/brackets. Dh was supposed to place brackets on the wall...a little more than a week ago. I'm still

Anyway, have a great wkend. Hugs, Toni

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And wait you Unless I happen to visit you soon Toni!lol

I here you about the plants!

The other day, I dragged in over 50 plants and stuffed them all into my kitchen, crickets and all. Why heck, I even saw a grasshopper jumping

Now after yesterday's hard frost, they are all happily outside once again for who knows how long? Above normal temps all week, thank God!
We just had a warm front pass by, that raised the temps. from the 40's all morning into the 60's almost 70 as I speak! The sun even came out. It looks so warm outside. Let me tell you when I say I rushed all my plants outside to welcome in spring again and the fresh rains.

By the way, I am so happy everything turned out ok for you:-)

Olympia, trust me when I tell you that poor Toni has every reason to give up on asking for help. That is why she is willing to pay for our airline tickets to go over there and


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My lemon verbena is still outside, planted in a large container that weighs a ton. This was my first year growing it; does it need to come inside for the winter? It's doing so well...... actually grew into a small shrub in just one season, so I'd hate to lose it.
Jasmines are all still out; some will come in and some are hardy enough here to stay out.
White Ginger Lily is still on my patio. What should I do with it for winter? [my 1st year for this plant as well] It's still happily blooming and the fragrance is wonderful. I hate to bring it indoors where it may sulk. We heat with a wood stove, so I'd have to keep it a distance away and probably run a humidifier, just to keep it blooming a while longer. [something I always end up doing, for most plants in winter] Do I store it in my basement eventually?

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Hey Mike,

I've been bringing plants in all day, after 3 days of dark skies and non-stop showers..Was doing great, came in to soak plants in sink...looked outside and it's POURING!

Guess the rain means no more plants come in today..

Temps were supposed to be warm all wkend, but's now changed..Back to 54F-43F...

Mike, crickets aren't a problem, however SPIDERS are. lol.

So far today, while carefully hauling plants inside, 'checking for sneaky spiders,' didn't see any insects outdoors..too cold for bugs

Mike, I can't believe you brought all your plants back
How many would that be?

Oh, wait, you said over 50! lol...

Mike, actually tests didn't come out so good..will tell you about it another time.

The last few days, I've tackled the house, room by room..gotta get it finished..until all plants are safe inside, I'll sleep better...

Mike, btw, how are you??? How's your foot..And your parents?

Posy....Lemon Verbena is so pretty..smells nice, too..Happen to have a picture? Toni

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Hey Toni, my foot still hurts but not as bad and then my Father is doing ok too.

I am tired though and thank goodness I can sit by the pond I made and still enjoy some of my fragrant plants yet to come in and the sounds of trickling water.

What is a Lemon Verbena? It sounds nice.

Are all your plants inside yet? Talk about a lot of work, right?

All my Citrus and a few others are still ouside. I hate to bring them in. I would rather see them cold but in fresh air than to bring them in a confined living space.

Yes Posyplanter,I would love to see a picture of your plant. It sounds very nice.:-)


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Lemon verbena is a verbena [obviously:]] with lemon scented leaves. They sometimes bloom but the flowers are small and inconspicuous. [Mine hasn't bloomed] Not listed as winter hardy in our zone, so most people grow it as an annual herb plant.
One of my favorite plants in the heat of summer, the smell is so refreshing. Branches are lovely in a vase with lavender and yarrow, and intoxicating tied into a bunch and hung in the shower [along with lavender, of course!]
I'd post a picture, but my digital camera needs repair, sorry!
Still don't know what to do with the White Ginger Lily...

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Posy!

White butterfly ginger (Hedychium coronarium) is hardy in zone 7 however it will probably bloom later if planted in the ground than grown in a pot. If you can move the pot inside near a sunny window it will probably continue blooming for you. I'm probably going to dig portions of mine up (it's grown into a huge clump) and put them in pots to store down in the basement after I cut the canes off.
I'll leave some of the clump in the ground to see how well it does there. I know it's hardy in Tulsa, OK where I live. I've seen it blooming in gardens where people have left it in the ground.

I hope this helps!


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Hey friends!

Well, I finally had to give in and lug ALL my plants in the home yesterday. They are alrerady pouting!

The only ones I keep bringing outside and bringing in by night is my Sweet Olive trees and my Camelias.
Now to find room and make them all happy and to keep bugs away!


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Well, I did it. Yesterday, Wed, Nov 8th, brought the three remaining plants inside.

Although none are fragrant, one, Pandanus/Screw Pine is a darn wreck. I unpotted, trimmed roots, and cut ALL foliage...

The other two, Ming and Foxtail Ferns, 'not true ferns' were first unpotted. Although both were placed in large, orange square pots last year, if roots were any larger, pots would have cracked.

DH actually helped! He sawed off roots, in halves. Well, not quite. Maybe 1/3rd.
The smaller sections are now potted together, and brought inside the house..the larger two are in the cannot step inside without walking into a

Because of the cold/frost, I had to toss several are fragrant, so they count on this thread, I'm guessing.

I feel terrible...espeically since Hoya Macrophyllum, 'had two,' are my favorites. Thin leaves freeze faster than thick...

Anyway, all plants are safely tucked inside..

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