happy Streptocarpus

winnjoe(MTL)August 1, 2012

I have a Streptocarpus that I bought 2 years ago and potted up once into a std 6". It is green and covered with flowers. It has entirely filled the pot, to the point that I can't get a finger in to feel the soil, and have to water from the bottom as the water rolls off the leaves. It seems happy. Do I just leave it there forever?

I read in a few sites about repotting. Is that necessary? Will the plant fall apart into smaller plants?

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Winnjoe, how long since the last repotting? A rule of thumb with Streps is usually to repot every six months but not more than a year. Streps seem to lIke being repotted. It encourages a spurt of new growth.

If you do repot don't worry, the plant will not fall apart into smaller pieces. I would however suggest you divide your plant into two to make room for it to grow in the 6" pot. Just clean your pot good put new soil and in no time it will be full again! Plant the division in another pot and enjoy it or you can share with someone else.


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Thanks Dave. I potted it up once, about a year ago. Does repotting include cleaning soil off the roots, or trimming the roots (like say when an over-wintered Fuchsia)?


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Yes Joe, I would do both. Over time soil / peat's ph will change. I would also scrub out the pot good so no accumulated salts from fertilizer will be present.

Personally, I take as much soil from the roots as I can. I will cut the roots back 1/3rd if they have filled the pot. From my experience I have not had any problems with plants going into shock or any setback. It seems to stimulate growth for me.


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thanks, sounds reasonable.

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