Desperately need help!

tripbargainsSeptember 2, 2008

I got several plants shipped to me from FL and 4 of them arrived in a sad state and are not looking better. I planted them outside a couple of days after they arrived but we have not had a lot of sunshine and the ground seems over moist. Most of the other plants in the shipment are doing fine in the same conditions except for these 4:

Mysore Mulli, plumerica pudica, Tabernaemontana africana, Cananga fruticosa.

Should I take them out of the ground and repot them and take them inside? I do not want to lose them so please any help and advice will be appreciated. The leaves are drooping and and some of the leaves seem to have fallen off.

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Some drooping and falling leaves are ordinary after cross-country shipping, and adjusting to new soil and climate.
Without more detail, though, it's hard to say what's ailing them.

1. Did you get to see how the roots were when you unpotted them and planted them outside? If their root balls were small or brownish and mushy, they don't have the strength to support all their leaves, and will need TLC until their root systems recover.

2. What's the soil like in your yard: sandy, clay, rocky? Different plants, of course, need different soils.

Mysore Mulli (Jasminum sambac) -- light, well-draining
Plumeria -- sandy, fast-draining
Tabernaemontana -- rich, slightly acid
Cananga fruticosa -- rich, volcanic or sandy

3. What are the temps like, both day and night? It's really hot in FLA right now, so night temps might be cold for them.

4. What's their exposure? Even on cloudy days, S. Ca sun can still be hard on newly transplanted plants. They may need light shading, particularly at noon, for the first week or so.

Hope this helps, let us know more details and we can give more specific advice!


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Thanks Jim! I repotted them all in organic potting soil and sprayed them with sprayngrow and some diluted root powder and all seem to be doing well except the Tabernaemontana africana (holstii). This seems to be a very young plant with a thin stick stem and now the leaves are extremely droopy but not yet drying and falling off. I have brought this one inside the house and placed it in indirect light. I am spraying the leaves lightly twice a day. What else can I do to save this plant?

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