sinningia leaves pointing upwards

Puchinita5August 7, 2014

So I have been growing african violets in south facing windows in my apartment for over 6 months now and they seem to be happy. I think since there is a screen, they aren't getting as much light as I think they are so without shades or blinds they are doing very well.

I recently bought a Sinningia "Peridots Darth Vader" plant from the violet barn, and I put it in the same situation as my african violets since it said they require the same care. However, after a little over a month, the leaves have been growing in almost vertically upwards.

I want to double check, but this means this plant is not getting enough light correct? I have put it on a bunch of boxes today so that it reaches the part of the window with no screen. I'm hoping without the screen it will get more light and the leaves will start growing flat again. Does this sound like the right thing to do? Or is there another reason that the Sinningia will have its leaves growing straight upwards?

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Yes, Sinningias need more light than violets and your plant is reaching for it. Some growers ease their plants into full early sunlight & very bright light the rest of the day. If you have a sunnier summer window like the east side, you might try that. Otherwise, elevation may be your best option, aside from artificial light.


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I've grown mini-sinningias in a south facing windowsill in Oklahoma, they appreciate quite a lot of light once acclimated to it. The foliage will even develop some reddish hues.

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I grow S. 'Peridot's Darth Vader' in an east window with no curtains or anything between the plant and the glass. Most of the year that is fine, but during the very longest days of summer I find I do need a sheer curtain to avoid sunburn on the plant. It's a Sinningia speciosa hybrid, and that species can really handle quite a bit of sun compared to african violets, and many other gesneriads.


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Thank you for all the responses. I only have my south facing windows, and so far with the elevation allowing for it to be in a window without the screen, it still seems to be reaching. I feel I may need to supplement the light, but I have never done this.

In my kitchen, I have a panel of fluorescent lights underneath my kitchen cabinets. I'm wondering if maybe I should sit my flowers underneath these at the end of the day for a bit. They would be about 1 foot (maybe less?) away from the lights.

Does this sound like a good or bad idea? I don't know anything about using artificial lights with plants.

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