450-60 gallon Old Oak Whisky Barrels in Atlanta?

drewl(5a)April 23, 2006

Do any of you know of good places to buy 50-60 gallon oak whisky barrels in the area around Atlanta (say, an hour drive radius around the city)? Something in the range of a price of less than $75/barrel? A lot of them come from good ol' Kentucky, but shipping prices of them are outrageous when looking online.

I want to purchase 3-4 of them for collecting water from downspouts. I am thinking of installing an automatic irrigation system in my yard that taps off of these instead of my water main. That way, I'm preventing more water run-off into the storm sewers (for every new house developed in the city of Atlanta, the less surface area for water to be absorbed into the soil), am not utilizing stressed water systems during our typical drought period in August/September (unless hurricanes come through, of course), and I can tap pumps directly to the barrels and don't have to worry about my DIY-self causing a water-main burst as I try and tap into it.

Yes, I will do all I can to keep mosquitoes from being fostered in the barrels (sealed tightly or screen on any exposed areas), and will be sure to monitor the barrels for them. I don't want to inadvertantly create an environmental hazard.

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Empty plastic 55 gallon drums can be had for around $10 from companies that use chemicals delivered in them. They are easy to wash out with detergent or liquid dish soap. I just got a metal one from Jiffy Lube for free that I used to extend the exhaust from my AC unit. Just make sure the chemicals that came in it weren't something really hazardous.

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I heard you can also get ones that food products were delivered in. One site I found says "I bought reconditioned food grade plastic barrels at a used container place. If you can get larger ones, you won't have to connect them together. This will save time and money. Look in the yellow pages under containers or barrels - used. I paid $15 each for four 55 gallon drums."

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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

last year Kroger sold Jack Daniels half-barrels for $15 each.... I've been watching like a hawk for them to start up again, and I'll let you know if they do. I want at least 3 more :)

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jmzms(z7 Alpharetta, GA)

Bought one last year from Wal-Mart for the same reason. It was about $40...wish I'd have bought a couple. Maybe I'll go check again for another?
Good website for how to put a rain barrel together....

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Kathy Bochonko

I just saw them at Walmart the other day, don't rememeber the price though.

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Drewl, are you wanting the real thing or a replica or just anything tht will work? What would you be willing to pay for shipping from KY?

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woody_ga(7a GA)

I saw them at Garden Ridge in Kennesaw, but I didn't think to look at the price. I did notice that they have 25% off planters.

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Hello Quirkyquercus,

I wanted the real-thing in terms of the full, sealable, wooden barrels. I actually already laid down the money for them. Shipping was pricey . . . about $40/barrel (each barrel weighs 115 lbs. unfilled). They were air-freighted to Hartsfield-Jackson. I'll be picking them up tomorrow.

Okay, and I need to do better about proofreading my titles. I proofread the message, but then noticed that I accidentally had a '4' in front of the 50.

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Cool! Those are going to be some nice barrels.
The reason I asked is because I sometime have to go up that way on business and figured I could accomodate some extra passengers if you were getting gouged on shipping.

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austins garden center will have whole whisky barrels starting 9/24 while supplies last,in chattanooga

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

I know it's further than you want to drive but I bought an authentic sealed Wild Turkey whiskey barrel from a little garden decor place in Anniston which is about 30 miles West of the GA State Line on the Alabama Side. Not sure how many gallons it is as I use mine for a rustic looking trash can. I'd guess 45+ gal comparing it to the size of one of my large rubbermaid trashcans.

I got this 3 years ago and at the time it was $40. If anyone else is ever interested I can always stop by that place anytime I go for groceries and see if they still sell them and how much.

I want to get more and put them under my downspouts for rain collection too but I suppose I need gutters first lol. Maybe next year.

Sincerely, Danielle

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Thought I'd post the pic if anyone wanted to see it.

This sucker is heavy! It was sealed tight...didn't have a removeable lid just a corked hole on the side. I cut the top off with a reciprocating saw, screwed a couple of 1x4 slats going perpendicular to the underside of the lid slats so that it would help hold them all together once the lid was cut free. Then screwed an iron drawer pull to the top for a handle. The smell of the whiskey could almost knock you out when it was opened. Still smelled of whiskey for a good year lol!


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My husband is looking for several whisky barrels for the use of garbage cans. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop in and see if the little garden decor place in Anniston has any available and the price. Thank you in advance.


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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi Elizabeth. I will do that next time I go...probably this week. I'd forgotten all about this thread.

Sincerely, Danielle

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You might check the Home Depot. They are selling whole, wooden whiskey barrels which have been adapted specifically for use as rain barrels out here in Carrolton. I think they were around $125 apiece.

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sounds like alot of interest in these babies. i used to buy them by the truckload from a distillery in albany area back in the mid 70's. likely sources closer than ken. are available. why don't you all get together and do a group buy.

personally i'm looking for used food grade plastic barrels in the north metro area... alph to canton. cheap!! anybody recommend a source?

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Yes, I can recomend a source..

I got a FREE 55 gallon blue plastic barrell at a carwash.
SOmetimes they send them back to be re-used but I asked real nice and got it for free.

Mosquitos are a problem yes, a tiny bit of bleach will keep them out and not harm the plants( please research the ratio before using bleach.) you only need a little bit.

They are predicting heavy droughts this year and next... so I think it's very wise of yall to do this.

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