I'm not even going to ask at this point...

bradmm(8b)March 13, 2005

... because I know many people start off by saying, "What is this???" I just received four gingers from a friend. I had actually asked for them because I've recently gotten interested in growing them and learning more about them.

They were tagged:

pink ginger

white ginger

giant ginger

Moy's variegated ginger

I've done some Internet research on these, already have several books with references and I really want to learn more about what I have. However, I guess my main point is that I've made this forum my home page for now and I look forward to reading what it contained herein and learning more about the world of gingers. It looks pretty fascinating to me so far!


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You didn't ask but I'll tell you anyway. Good sites for information are:
And the Moy is usually called Hedychium Dr. Moy.
They probally are all hedychiums if they are hady in your zone. But they could be something else.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hedychium Dr Moy

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Thanks, cactusfreak!

I don't know that they are hardy here but the source is just about an hour's drive south of here. I'd guess they will be okay in a protected area. I first have to protect them from the DEER!

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Although I think Dr. Moy had more than one ginger cultivars - the guy seems to have a ton of stuff he's developed! - I think you're right about this one. The picture in the link below looks like it. Can't wait for these to bloom so I can better nail down their ID's.

Here is a link that might be useful: SFA Arboretum website - hedychium

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Dr Moy is hardy to zone 7 as are the other varieties of hedychium.
This is a picture of my Dr Moy bloom in my greenhouse. The ones outside did not bloom last summer.

Below is a link explaining why it is now called Dr Moy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hedychium Robustum/Dr Moy

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danbo(8b MS Coast)

Mississippi Gulf Coast here. I suspect the white is a Cornarium. That and Dr. Moy I have growing in my garden. They freeze down to the ground in winter. Then return in summer. This winter was rather mild and many have not gone completely dormant. Sending up new growth off and on all winter.

I'm also a zone 8b.

Hope that helps.

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Dr. Moy is a cross, forget which 2 hedychiums it was, of over 200 seedlings only 1 had the variegation. Dr. Moy was very surprised to find out that it was such a popular variety and had been named after him. It sure is a pretty plantn. mine don't freeze here but I'm zone 9b, the freak snow didn't even slow them down.

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