Another Cold Spell...?

razorback33(z7)April 17, 2009

For the past couple of days, local celebrity weather-waggers are telling anyone that will listen, that we are facing another cold period next week!

I have been intensely interrogating my crystal ball and it isn't telling me those dreaded words. It's telling me that overnight lows for the next two weeks will be warmer than we've experienced this week!

What is happening here?

Are they using those lead-in bombastic words to lock your TV to their station?

When they present the graphics for their predictions, I see nothing that indicates a cold spell, tout au contraire!

The garden is alive, insects are active, bringing in flocks of birds, nature is right on schedule. Wish I could hurry along and synchronize with it! Thought I had accomplished a lot today, but upon examination at nightfall, my footprints had already disappeared!



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I don't see anything lower than 42 in my 10 day forecast.

Thought I had accomplished a lot today, but upon examination at nightfall, my footprints had already disappeared!

I hear ya!

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My accuweather forcast is calling for low of 38F in a couple of days. Thankfully, it is not going to be a frost, gees. With the consistent low 40s, most plants are pretty much hardened up. The only thing is that they are just sitting there. But the good news is that morning lows are going to rise to low 50s. That is someting I look forward to.
All in all, we have been having a seasonally coold april around here, I think. It is more like spring. O' well! we will have a long summer soon.
The things that are not growing are peppers and egglants. Tomatoes are just hanging in there. But my potatoes, chives, parsleys, lettuce, onions, peas don't mind the cold that much.


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Lowest low for us ub Winder seems to be 42, but it can swing several degrees in either direction. I also heard the doom and gloom weather forecasters doing their wait to plant routine. Honestly, I think they'd be in bigger trouble if they hollered to plant and then it really frosted over. I think I'm going to hedge my bets.

My toms are doing great, but four of my onions have sent up flower stalks and I had to pull them. They were still very immature. Any idea how I can keep the rest of them from bolting?

Here is a link that might be useful: The Corner Yard

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natalie4b(7b GA)

I see 39 Tue night in Roswell.

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I talked to my third cousin who knows a guy in at the weather department, he's said the next frost will be in mid-December. We are safe.

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