Show me your pride and joy! :D

kemistry(8 - Oregon)September 8, 2012

This is my Rothmannia Capensis seedling I bought from Logee about 1.5 years ago. The first year it didn't do much. On its second year it finally starts to grow more leaves and branches. While I normally don't have the patience with seedlings, for this baby I'm willing to wait. (Okay I'm really hoping that it'll bloom in 2 years, lol.)

Here it is!

Now show me yours! : )

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I don't know if it's my pride and joy but this is my 5 dollar orchid that I bought last winter. I've been waiting for months for the flowers to develop and open from the spikes! Ugh. Laugh.
Oncidium Heaven Scent 'Sweet Baby'.
Who knows if it will ever bloom and if I'll like the scent? :)


P.S. Behind it is my latest 'sin'. My $40 almost 4ft tall plumeria. I don't know the cultivar but it's from Jungle Jack's and it might be 'Xanadu'. It has a lovely perfume like scent. I've been lusting after it for months and the price was finally right for me to snatch up!

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If you both run out of patient, you always have option of pack it and send it my way. I am proofed of having enough patient... 6+ years for that sucker to bloom...LOL.

Kemistry, I have never heard of Rothmannia Capensis, but just googled. It supposely have gradenia scent... Yours looks having been grown very well. Hope it bloom soon so we all can learn its scent and start our next " movement"...

Robert, Your Plumeria collection is up to 12 now? It sure is a well developed plant. Will it bloom soon or you have to wait till next year?
$5 can buy this size Oncidium, great buy! You are much bigger bargan hunter than I am. I usually pay $3 at Lowe to buy 90% dead orchids. Nothing is as big as yours. Looking at these long flower spikes, you will get a ton of flowers when it blooms. I am curious about scent of this " Sweet Baby" and am wondering if this one smell like " Sharry baby".
My this week's sin is goose berry bush and honey berry bush. That seven son isn't on sale yet... still waiting.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


Ha! You are too funny with your bargain shopping. I counted today and I have 10 plumies (I gave Divine away but then quickly replaced it with my latest sin. Laugh).
I told Kemistry I always want to smell everything a genus/species has to offer. :)
My most recent plumeria has been blooming for months now. Currently only has one open bloom but there are two small buds developing. That's the reason I've been lusting after it for so long (I smelled it every time I went to the nursery and it had the same lovely, sweet perfume scent).

My orchid which I've been impatiently waiting for to bloom is supposed to smell similar to Sharry Baby but not as strong. I'll post pics and let everyone know what I think of the scent if mine does indeed bloom. It wasn't as large as it is now when I bought it last winter (it's been growing outside all summer). :)


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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Just thought I post an update:

so after 2.5 years or so since my purchase this rothmannia seedling is getting ready to bloom...( yayy..)

One of the buds

The whole plant...

(The pot is too small for it I know :D)

I cannot wait!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

It looks great! Congrats. Yay for buds!

Of course we expect pics and a scent description when it does bloom. ;)


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey robert

When did you get that big plumeria. Thats a good size tree for $40.


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My goodness! That is a ton of growth Kemistry! What did you feed that plant and where does it spend its seasons? I love it.
Mine died of a leaf disease and never had a chance:-(
I might try again because of you lol.

Hello Robert and Mike!

Robert, that plumeria is to die for. Nice! And I hear you about that orchid. I have 4 and never once did I get one to re-bloom. I would love to know the nurseries secrets behind many plants bought in bloom.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Mikes! :)

Yea. I was super happy to get a 50% discount on that huge plumie and all I had to do was ask! I got it last September at Southwood, Tulsa Mike.
It's got a lovely perfume scent. It's just labeled JJ Premium Yellow though the blooms are edged in pink when it gets hot so I'm thinking it might be Xanadu. Couldn't find any markings on the branches/trunk.

I wish Kemistry's rothmannia would hurry up and bloom. Really curious if it does have a gardenia like scent or not! :)
Logee's currently has them in stock but they're expensive ($24.95).


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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

When I bought it in late 2010 Logee had it for $20. : )

Mike, it's not that tall, probably 1.5-2ft and grows quite slow so I was very surprised to see the buds on it : )

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Robert, Ahh yes I do remember you getting that one last year. When you said recent I assume within the last month or so. I was about to get on to you for not telling you source, LOL.

How come you got rid of divine. Mine smells good. It just doesnt seem to carry far.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Mike,

I was probably a little rash with getting rid of her. Just wasn't impressed with the scent coming from her blooms at that point (I know scent can change).
I actually just saw her in OKC over the weekend. The wind had knocked her over so now she only has 2 tips instead of the gorgeous 3 tips like when I originally gave her away. Laugh.


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