Looking for a particular type of tall Ginger

GingerHedgeMarch 29, 2014

I had received 3 types of Ginger plants from a friend years ago, I'm describing them all to better distinguish the one I need to get back now.
1)- One had a thick stalk, nice flowers, the leaves were long, about 3" wide but blade-like, and extending right and left on the plant, sort of 2-dimensional like a fishbone.
2)- The 2nd one had leaves that were wider in the middle, thus more like oval, and the leaves sprouted all around the stalk, 3-dimensional, the flowers were rare, I can't remember them. The stalks were thinner but the plant grew tall, about 7 feet. The stalks got bent and damaged easily in strong wind.
3)- The third one had the same type of leave shape as the the #2 plant, but darker in color, and it was stronger overall. It looked much like a rubber plant. It grew to 6 ft. Its most particular character was, if bruised or cut off it would be very fragrant. It also had flowers, white, that were not more fragrant than its broken leaves.
Can you identify the #3 above? I lost all of those plants thru flooding and need to replenish them, but the #3 above is the only one I want back.
(These were plants deemed good for zones 9-11 I believe, and I am in zone 9. But the emphasis on this plant is not for having any sort of tropical flower, but for the plant itself as a very good choice for a hedge. If this post is more likely to be answered in an other forum section on this site, please advise?).

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HoosierBob SW Indiana Zone 5

I'm afraid this forum has been inactive for some time, though I keep hoping it will come out of dormancy (this spring?).

You haven't really given many specifics about the plant you are looking for. You might try looking through the pictures on the web to find your plant. I am giving a link to the Gingersrus website...there are others out there. If you can't find your plant, you might try the Name This Plant forum...if you can describe the flowers and leaves better there are a lot of helpful people there.

My only guess for a 6 foot hedge-type ginger with white flowers would be hedychium coronarium. I am attaching a picture if you can determine whether this is the correct flower shape. If this is what the flowers looked like, it was either coronarium or coronarium maximum, which is bigger.

Good Luck with your search!


Here is a link that might be useful: Gingers R Us Price list with picture links

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I believe the one in the picture is also known as the Butterfly Ginger.

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