Non- blooming stalks from last year...cut back???

jayfergMarch 24, 2006

I planted a bunch of Hedychium rhizomes last year and they got off to a slow start and never bloomed. Most of the stalks made it through winter ok and I was wondering if I should cut them all the way down or will they bloom this year? There are a bunch of new stalks coming up so it looks like I may get some blooms this year.


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I usually chop mine back around the end of February. The growth usually makes it through winter but they look so ragged. Didn't get any blooms last year, the hurricane winds and lack of rain really gave them a rough time. I do notice they are all sprouting new growth, including a couple I thought I'd lost. Most of mine seem to bloom really late summer, almost into fall. Good luck!
Tally HO!

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