Himalayan Ginger

sandy409(z9Tx)March 10, 2005

I have just ordered my first ginger (haven't been able to find any in my area). Its an Himalayan Ginger and I plan on potting it instead of planting in the ground - is this okay? Also was this a good choice to start with? Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated!


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I've found several species of gingers called this. Best to use the latin names. Curcumas go dormant every winter and the Hedychiums may, depending on weather.
I grow both in pots. If it's the Curcuma, you want it to be somewhat dryish in winter after it drops its leaves (next year).
They can take full sun if you keep them watered.

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I just received this plant from mail order. What side is up on this thing it's bareroot? I think the side wide the bulbs are up just not sure. The instructions were pathetic.

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