Blooming now

butterfly4uSeptember 24, 2013

Just thought I would post a couple pics of what is blooming now

Had to cut it off, my grand duke, smells amazing.

my little Mexican hydrangea, its spreading, was little stick in spring.

my plumie, all the flowers blew off in a wind storm yesterday, but it looks like it will bloom again. Smells sweet and citrusy.
Robert, I think it is a Celadine. The color, the smell match up perfect. My other plumie isn't a cutting, its an original, and it smells like sweet coconut. When it gets a little bigger I will try to root you a piece of the coconut one.

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Well those are just beautiful, as beautiful as the person who posted them....Thank you so much..

They MUST smell heavenly! I love that Duke Jasmine...Wow
And those Plumieria...Wow


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Those are gorgeous, Butterfly!

I just might have to cut some Grand Duke blooms myself. :)

My Mexican hydrangea (Clerodendrum bungei) still hasn't bloomed but is about 3ft tall or so.
Maybe I should give it more sun? It should bloom next year though.

Yay for plumies!
Love coconut scented ones.
I have to confess that I maimed my Fuzzy's Red Rose with the hose the other day. Wasn't paying attention and managed to snap two branches off. :(
Guess I'm pretty clumsy with the hose since last year I snapped a large branch off my Chinese Perfume Plant. Laugh.


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Butterfly..I was wondering....What is the name of the one that smells like cocnut? I have been wanting one forever and can't seem to find any....


Hello Robert! :L-)

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The coconut smelling plumie is an original, grown from seed, not a branch cutting, don't know the name.
It was bought from a nursery and labeled hybrid, but I noticed that it looked different than the other plumies they were selling, the trunk looked different, not a cutting that was rooted. It also costs twice the price, took 2 years to bloom, it finally bloomed last fall.
It hasn't bloomed this year yet either, I think it has outgrown it's pot, so I dug a hole and stuck the pot in the ground.
It might bloom this year yet, mabey it likes the cool weather to bloom.

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