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adaorand(UpstateNY)September 4, 2004

My nearby W'mart just got a shipment of 8" hb houseplants, and in with the usual stuff are some labeled "Episcia". Wrong label. They are the hanging variety of streps. I'm not sure of the correct name, but they have long training vines and are loaded with white blooms.

Happy shopping.

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They are probably streptocarpella.


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sbg1973(SE WI z5)


The incorrectly labeled plants are actually ALSOBIA'S.. Very pretty plants


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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

Oh well alsobias makes more sense. They are still sometimes referred to by their old name of episcia. It was in the 70's that Hans Wiehler moved them into their own genus, alsobia. Now, I believe, molecular data is suggesting that alsobia and episcia are not closely related--which explains why they have never been sucessfully crossed.

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