Episcia buds drying up before bloom

mwedzi(chicago)September 16, 2004

The buds on one of my episcias keep drying up and turning brown and crispy before they've had a chance to bloom. You can see the plant is trying its best to bloom, with 3-4 buds developing on each side of almost every leaf node. But they just dry up. What could it be? I keep him mostly moist, just like the rest. Could he be getting too much direct sun? My plants are all getting 3-5 hours of direct sun from about 10am to 3pm in a south-facing window, some less depending on whether they are in front of or behind another plant.


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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

Try moving it to lower light. The strong light is definitely helping it to set buds but could be too strong. Another possibility is cyclmen mite though. That nasty pest usually is seen first when the new growth turns brown hairy and stops growing. The mite will spread to stolons too. Do you have a photo of the plant?


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Hmm, going to read about cyclamen mite . . . okay. I've read a little about them and I don't think I have them. I understand that they are too little for most people to see. But I don't have the main symptom of new growth becoming brown and stunted. The leaf growth, especially on this particular epsicia, is fantastic. It has the biggest leaves of any I have. But thanks for the heads up. I have never had that problem and will totally be on the lookout for it in the future.

If the plant doesn't have a disease or pest, I think I will just leave it where it is. I don't mind that it isn't flowering at this moment. I'd like it to grow its leaves and roots well and store up as much energy as possible before the sun disappears from my apt. in a month anyway. I just wanted to make sure it was the sun, and not bugs or a virus or something.

Here is a pic of my episcia Prelude (the holes are from my subleasee's cats, I think).

Here is a link that might be useful: Prelude

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They may not be getting enough humidity. Try doming them and see if that helps.

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Thanks cassie. If they need to domed, then I'm in trouble cuz they are big plants. They'll just have to tough it out. I do plan on getting a humidifier for winter because the dry air bothers me a bit, too. But Chicago's summer isn't exactly dry, so I'd be surprised to find out their problem was dry air in the summer.

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