need help hedychium seed

ryt2berMarch 31, 2014


I'm hoping to get seed off of my hedychium longicornutum which I believe is about to bloom.....

anyone have any idea if I am successful selfing it, how long does it take for seed to mature?

any advice would be appreciated.


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HoosierBob SW Indiana Zone 5

It's interesting that your longicornutum is about to bloom....I'm in Indiana and have one in the greenhouse that is also about to bloom for the first time. I had forgotten that this was a winter bloomer!

I don't have any input on your question except a guess. Most of the other hedychiums take a couple of months to mature seedpods here. Of course, that's in the fall when temperatures have dropped. Longicornutum may be completely different since it's epiphytic and will be ripening in the spring. If the seeds are anything like other hedychiums, though, you'll know when they're ripe....they'll pop open.

This forum isn't very active anymore, but maybe someone can advise you if they drop by.

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thanks so much for the info. here I wouldn't think of it as winter as we're awfully hot already. days in the mid 80s and night in high 60s with consistency. again I am in south Florida.

thank you for the info and I will hopefully get some seed.

btw for future reference since you mentioned it..... is it the ginger forum you mean that's pretty quiet? would you suggest I post in tropicals? I'm new so just getting settled :))))

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HoosierBob SW Indiana Zone 5

Yes, the Ginger Forum has been quiet for months now. I'd definitely try Tropicals and mention that there's not much going on over here. A lot of the members in Tropicals probably have gingers in their yards and I hope someone can help you. Good luck!

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