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rcgsltxApril 1, 2005

Hello-I have just begun to learn about the beautiful flowers and fragrances that gingers produce. Is there a ginger that is hardy in zone 8, requires less water than others and repeat blooms? If so, that's the one for me.

Thank you!

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bihai(zone 9)

I am not aware of any ginger that "repeat blooms". Maybe Tim Chapman can answer that question. Most will bloom one time per stalk, after that stalk blooms, its history and new stalks come out from the rhizomes.

Lots of gingers are "hardy" in zone 8, but few are "evergreen". That's an important distinction...if you are wanting something that's going to be up and green all year, gingers are not that plant to use for that purpose in zone 8. Some are naturally deciduous and lose their foliage in winter, some go down in the first hard freeze and don't re-emerge til the next spring.

But all are very enjoyable summer and fall plants.

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Thank you for your input.
I recall helping you out with your first greenhouse a few years ago, on the greenhouse forum.
By "hardy" I meant a ginger that would survive a few light frosts here in zone 8, such as hedychiums. Deciduous is fine, however, death by freezing isn't preferable. I was wondering if there was a ginger which along with surviving the winters here, repeat bloomed (new stalks are just fine) along with being a bit more drought tolerant than others.

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There might be some Globbas that can handle those temperatures (I know G. racemosa can but it is hard to find in the trade, despite being incredibly common in China). Globbas bloom pretty continuously from the the time the first shoots of the year mature until it goes into dormancy. Some of the more horticultural types here should know more about cold hardiness.


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bihai(zone 9)

They don't actually die when they freeze in my zone (8B) they just go into temporary suspended animation. Hedychiums that freeze to the ground here try to start pushing new growth almost immediately after they freeze sometimes...if its 25 for just one night, then back up to 40-60 for a week, they will put up new growth, then of course if its 25 again, well you get the picture. I have tons of stands of different hedychiums, probably over 30 different stands, and all froze to the ground this winter, and all are back now, 3-4 ft tall.

2 good gingers that almost always stay up for me (they DO get leaf burned sometimes but it takes about 20-22F to do it) are Alpinia zerumbet (the NON varigated form) and Alpinia formosana (the "pinstripe" ginger)

Globbas are the latest gingers to arise out of dormancy here, I think they are pretty short lived for that reason. They don't come up until late April/early May, after everything else is up, so to me they are shortest lived.

AT the moment, Hedychiums, costus, and curcumas are up here; Kaemferias and Zingibers will be next, then globbas.

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Hey all:) I don't mean to butt in, but I'm new to this site specifically to ask for your aid and I haven't a clue where else to start.

I've got a question concerning Costus that I'm wondering if anyone could help me with. I'm in Southern California, doing a large tropical garden by the ocean. Doesn't freeze, zone ten as far as I can tell.

We usually specialize in cacti and natives so I have no idea how to go about finding them, It seems impossible but I sooooooooo want to get some Costus.
(nearly any kind, neat growing if possible with thick flowers/
but dude I realize I cant be picky!)
Ive fallen in love with them and I know I probably wont allow myself to install another water drainer like this garden for a long while... so I figure itch my itch now, if I can. Ya know?

So, does ANYONE know where I can buy some out here? LA area? I'd be your best friend! Ive done so much research.. but other than ebay I have not had any luck.

I can exchange lots of cacti or cali native, drought tolerant info in return:)


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