Got Rain?

georgia-roseMay 4, 2008

I checked the Regional Radar early Saturday morning and saw that 75-100 mile wide band of moderate to heavy rain creeping across Alabama. In anticipation of receiving about an inch of rainfall, I rushed out to mowdegras and plant as many Annuals and Perennials that I could, before the rain arrived.

I completely forgot about that invisible barrier at the state line and consequently, only received a trace of rain.

Will have to use my 25 minute wandtime today to soak everything in, that I planted.

Hope most of you received some beneficial rain and recharged your waterbarrels. I have been conserving mine for more desperate times and need to cover them today, as I found out yesterday that the Mosquitos have arrived!

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I'm in Cartersville and I had the same thoughts as you; plant new lantana and ferns and wait for a good soaking! That invisable barrier struck again, didn't it? LOL! My parents live in LaFayette in Walker County and they got a "good soaking." I didn't even get enough for the first 1/2 inch of soil to get wet! I'll have to drag out the hose this afternoon, as well.

We're supposed to get more rain later on this week, I think. PRAY RAIN!!!


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shot(8 - GA)

Didn't even get a trace :(
Amazing how just falls apart before it gets to us...

Shot in Central GA.

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jmzms(z7 Alpharetta, GA)

We always joke that we have an umbrella over our house, as often times, it rains all around us but not here. This time we actually got it. Maybe about 1/2 inch. I too planted a few things.

My great task with the rain....I washed my car during the rain. Filled the bucket with water from the shower and then washed while it rained so that rinsed the car. First time in three months that I have a clean car. Neighbors thought I was nuts, but I can't see paying $10+ to do something I can do for 10 cents and 20 minutes of time. :-)

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