Idenity of Brunfelsias

orchidbeeOctober 11, 2011

Robert ask me if I have a Brunfelsia densiflora and if I like the fragrance.

Yes I have a Brunfelsia densiflora and I really like the scent. It is spicer than other Brunfelsias that I have smelled. B. densifolia usually has flowers which is the same flowering pattern as my B. lactea but quite different from B. nitida which is a pulse bloomer. All of the B. nitida flowers open together qne are a present only for a few days. Then there no flowers for a while (perhaps a few months) and then it mass flowers again. Having so many flowers open at the same time creates a lot of fragrance.

I have a large wonderfully scented Brunfelsia that was sold as B. pilosa. It is not pilose (covered with small hairs) so it probably was misidentified but what is it?. I am a bit confused by the botanical identity of Brunfelsias. This especially applies to the yesterday today and tomorrow species, some of which are fragrant but others not. They can flower at different times of year as well. I see names for this group that include B. americana, B. uniflora, B. grandiflora, B. australis.

Does anyone know the correct names of these yesterday today and tomorrows and which are fragrant?

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Hi orchidbee,
I am from Singapore and happen to come across your posting today.
To answer your question in Singapore we refer to as : Brunfelsia pauciflora is native to woodland areas of Brazil to yesterday today and tomorrows and which are fragrant.
However, most fragrant gardeners in Singapore will plant B. americana because of it powerful fragrance. We in Singapore are also not fortunate to be exposed to all the Brunfelsia families.

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