Please ID this fragrant plant

olympia_gardener(5)October 30, 2012

I received this plant as a cutting from a friend many years ago. I was told it is a Chinese medicine plant that has anti inflammation property. It is a vine and its flower is very fragrant. Would anyone here help me to identified this plant so I can give it a proper name. Thanks.

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possibly Polygonum aubertii , or Chinese fleece vine?

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Hi, Leah, thanks... I googled Polygonum Aubertii, very close, but not it. Polygonum Aubertii is supposed to be hardy to zone 4. This one is not hardy, and is not woody vine. Its vine will all turn soft ( like sweet potato vines) when it is below freeze temp. I have to bring it inside for the winter time. It is very drought resistant.

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To add a little more information. I know this plant can be eaten as veggie... I have never tried. This plant grow small bubblet/small pea size ball shape thingies at where the joint of stem and leaves. I think it can be propagated using this little ball shape thingies. very resilient plant.

Its flowers smell like lilac and honeysuckle... very nice and pleasant .

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Flowers remind me of Acalypha...Toni

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I finally found out it is Anredera cordifolia.
Thanks all for the help.

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