Ginger from stem cutting possible?

TxanGoddessApril 4, 2012

The home next to my job has a long stand of the most beautiful ginger ... which I believe is the called the variegated kind (the flowers hang in long clumps of downward facing bells) growing in the alley we share.

I'd like to ask him if I can have some, but what I was wondering is whether ginger can be grown from stem cuttings like say roses, and not just from dividing the rhizomes? It seems less annoying to ask him if I could cut some stalks off, rather than to ask about digging up whole roots, though I will do that if I absolutley have to. TIA.

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Texas goddess, The alpinias are so prolific most people are happy to divide there clumps. Many times on here I have read where people resort to chemicals to kill them or keep them under control. So do ask, they will probably be happy to share.
James in Florida

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