you last daylily to bloom

wildflower59(z7 va)July 20, 2014

Without including rebloomers, what is the last daylily to bloom for you? I am trying to extend my season and the last ones I have are late late show, willie lyles, and clouds of white. They all bloom within a day or two of each other. I really want to add I would appreciate any you can offer.


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sherrygirl zone5

My last to bloom is Autumn Minaret. It is also the tallest and largest overall I have. Mine are just sending up scapes here, zone 5. My best guess is 3 weeks before first flower. I get at least a month of blooms on my mature plants, maybe longer.


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shive(6b TN)

My last one to bloom is usually Last Chance for Romance. Others that bloom very late here are Final Touch and Ruffled Strawberry Parfait.

Last Chance for Romance

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Heirloom Heaven. Not a fancy flower, and if it bloomed in mid-season, I'm sure I wouldn't have it. But it starts up, nice and fresh, when the rest of the garden is a field of browning sticks, and in that company, its pop of color is most welcome.

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Maryl zone 7a

My last to bloom has consistently been Smokey Mountain Autumn which is a bud builder. I've had it bloom even in September in a good year. It had been in a smallish pot for over 7 years, but this last winter with its prolonged cold spell with temperatures in the single digits for days and days finally did it in. A shame. A classic daylily. This year Coral Corduroy will take the prize, but certainly not as long as Smokey Mountain Autumn.....Maryl

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njmomma(z6 NJ)

Either Final Touch or Apache War Dance which puts up rebloom scapes while it's blooming. The Techny ones are lates. (techny peace, techny peach lace, techny spider). More late ones are August Frost and Waves Become Wings. I just got my first bloom on Final Touch and Apache War Dance. August Frost put up ones the other day and it's full of buds. Actually all are.
I'll be posting pics once they really get started.

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Nancy zone 6

Last Reward is the very last to bloom for me. I'm zone 7 & it has yet to bloom. I just started seeing scapes a few days ago.It is listed as a mid-late bloomer, but other lates & even the one very late-Autumn Blaze-only have a few buds left.

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Final Touch for me.

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Julia NY(6)

It will either be a Rice or Murphy/Reed intro. Last year it was ROUEN CATHEDRAL (Rice).

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Last Reward, will be my last to bloom as it just started a few days ago, and has 4 scapes up loaded with buds, so will blooming for awhile, unless all the buds open at once, but so far, only 2 blooms at once. Marietta surprise is still blooming, too.


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Either Hard Times or Running Late.

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