shrub ID help, sory no photo, plant got cut down!

berklady(z9 ca)October 8, 2005

I konow that it's very hard to ID w/out a photo, but I smelled this flower on a shrub and went back a week or so later to take a photo, and the whole plant was cut to the ground! It had leaves and size (about4' tall) similar to common hydrangeas, dark green, with woody stems. The flowers were ball clusters of 100 or so small (1/4 in) star shaped dark pink flowers. The whole cluster was about 3 inches diameter. The petals felt very waxy and stiff, like the globe could be grabbed and not lose any of it's shape. I smelled it in the middle of the day, and it was very fragrant, sweet.I live in the sf bay area. Any guesses would be great! Thanks a ton, Berklady

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I am trying to think of frant plants that have a ball custer of flowers.
Here is a few I can think of off the top of my head

all of the above come in different colors so if you see something similiar let me know and maybe it will give me a better idea of what you saw.

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It sounds like an Ixora to me. Do a search for Ixora and see if that's it.

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Most ixora are not fragrant. Perhaps a Viburnum carlseii? Not sure of the spelling but it's a more of a northern one.

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berklady(z9 ca)

Thanks for the help, sorry i haven't gotten online since i posted my question. It looks most like an ixora out of all of the suggestions so far, but you know how ixoras flowers form a half dome? well this plants flowers were in a globe shape, but stiff, waxy petals like ixora. I think its too cold here for ixora, and this plant was very fragrant and a dark pink. Any further guesses? Thanks a lot,berklady

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perhaps clerodendrum bungei

Here is a link that might be useful: clerodendrum

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berklady(z9 ca)

HORRAY! Jeff al, you've solved the mystery- thanks you so much! And thanks to all who aided in the treasure hunt. Now to search for a place in Berkeley (SF bay area), Ca that's got clerodendrum bungei for cheap.

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even though fragrant and pretty, be aware that it suckers vigorously and is not considered a good plant for a small garden. prepare to defend the surrounding flower beds!

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