dividing varigated ginger

waltgphdApril 7, 2007


I'm a newbie on this forum. I have 2 varigated gingers growing and flowering beneath my Magnolia. I would like to have one more. Can these be divided? They are now about 7'

tall and look very happy.

Do I just shear off a shaft at ground level with some roots? How deep do I pant? Any special considerations?

We live in Los Angeles about 5 miles inland near UCLA.

Any info, hints ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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cocomo(z10 / PR)

Most definitely, they can be divided since they grow by putting new rizhomes from the main plant. So locate where the newer stems come out and use a shovel to divide, and cut about 6 to 8 inches around the base of the stem. The rhyzomes are usually not very deep.

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Sever the stalk and rhizome first, then leave it for a few weeks to recover before lifting the section away. Try not to do too much at one time if not necesary.

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