Pet. minor

One_3dDave(5 NM)September 13, 2004

My Petrocosmea minor has suffered it's sad demise. I wonder what I could have done wrong for it. I had it outside and brought it in when I went away for a few days so it wouldn't get too dry. This was about 6 weeks ago. Now, it is utterly limp and stays that way even if I water it, right now the soil is moist. I guess I will have to find another an try again.


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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

If it is still alive take cuttings. It sounds like its roots have rotted but the leaves and perhaps the crown is still alive?? You can root leaves or the entire crown and save your plant. Unpot it, wash off the soil and give it a close inspection to see what is alive and what is rotted. To revive wilted leaves and petioles or to revive the intact crown, cut off the bad parts, which I am guessing are at the at the base and soak the whole plant or leaves in a bowl of water. Generally, a limp plant or leaf will "turge up" after a soaking for a few hours to a day or two. Don't leave it in water though. After three or four days, it will begin to deteriorate again. But, after about 24 hours, hopefully, it will be in a condition where it can be planted. I would put it in perlite/vermiculite or long fiber sphagnum moss, and enclosed in a ziplock bag. Give it good indirect light--hopefully on a light stand (if you have one). Good luck--its good to hear from you Dave,


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One_3dDave(5 NM)

The poor Petrocosmea. it is on it's last legs. I never did put down any leaves and now the center of the plant is browned and mushy. I tried the leave but they are brown on the ends. I had it in a plastic baggie and it was starting to grow it's roots and new leaves were coming up but then I looked and the center was rotted out and the leaves that are left have the brown on their edges? i don't know if it will make it ,
I don't think so. : (````

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