Curcuma elata 'Giant Plume

lightGreenThumb(9 LA)May 30, 2004

I recently ordered some bulbs of giant plume along with Curcuma alismatifolia (Siam Tulip) and a Shell ginger.

I had no idea that the giant plumes got up to 8 ft tall! The site listed them as 2 - 3 ft tall, but with further reasearch I found out differently. I am considering using them for a screen now. Will they be ok in full sun, mostly from the East?

I live in Sulphur, LA near Lake Charles if that helps.

I'm also wondering if either of these ginger will bloom this year. I know I will be planting them late, but they should be here in a few days.


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I have some of these and they grow very tall.About 6 or 8 feet tall.The flowers bloom before the leaves come out.If you just bought yours do not look for blooms this year.I dug mine up and thinned them and they did not bloom this year.Mine is planted under a oak tree.Jessie

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lightGreenThumb(9 LA)

Thanks for your response, Jessie. I was thinking of putting them in full sun to provide a screen, but it sounds like they could use some shade. I finally got the bulbs in and am making my final decisions as to where they should be placed.

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lightGreenThumb(9 LA)

Does anyone have experience with these in full sun? Can they handle it?

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raregingers(z9a LA)

I have a stand of them in all out Louisiana full sun, and they are the best bloomers and get HUGE. I don't know if anyone else is growing them this way but they have done fine in full sun for me.

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