not blooming in october.. but still fun!

fenius(9)October 13, 2012

Ok so I uploaded my new finds, I broke my back yesterday transplanting all this!

Camellia sasanqua "beatrice emily", Illicium henryi and epigaea repens as they arrived:

tabernaemontana africana in bigger pot:

my pancratium maritimum finally popped!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Dang you, fenius! You grow so many unusual plants that tempt us! Just read how Epigaea repens has an exquisite fragrance also just read how Pancratium maritimum's flowers are scented in the evenings.


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Ok. Robert how did you know it would tempt us? Smiling.
I must say its a must to get them all.

I do have the Africa one but it has not flowered yet. It is getting tall though.

Fenius.....!!!! I love the all. Please keep us in the loop when flower. I would love to know how they do.
Now, for the usual. Where did you get them? Lol

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I got the first three from a nursery in Holland (esveld) that the guys from my greek forum have been talking about placing an order since spring! He has a lod of rhododendrons ecc but not many tropicals, mostly hardy.... I think I may have mentioned what I got in another thread but I will post pics anyway as they flower.. The tab. africana I got from ebay (someone in hawaii) And the pancratium maritimum was a gift from a member of my greek forum. It is native here in Greece but also considered threatened and she found a couple of uprooted bulbs by the sea (by tourists or cars), when the bulbs multiply I'd be happy to share them w/you all if you don't mind the wait!

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