Columnia Golden Regalia

justnixSeptember 2, 2009

Hi, I'm new here and I have a hanging basket plant that has the name Columnia Golden regalia. I've searched the net and I can't find anything on how to look after it.

It has been hanging in my west bathroom/toilet window that gets sun in the late afternoon. It's bloomed once and never again and I think I've had for over a year and a half now.

It has one trailing stem of leaves with little ones branching off of it at the bottom now.

Can I cut it back and replant or what.... I really have no clue to gardening so any help would be appreciated.

ALso, I'm in AUckland New Zealand, where it's humid in summer and can go down to 1*C at night during the winter. Right now we have just hit spring and it's 14*C around midday. Once I figure out how to load a photo I will post it here.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hello JustNix -

Yes - you can trim too long stems off. It will get bushier. You can stick 3-4 inch tip cuttings into the pot with soil and cover it with a baggie to keep humidity hi - they root fast and you can later put them all together with the mama plant.
Yes - it will benefit from repotting. The soil you can use is African Violet mix plus 1/3 perlite.

Are you fertilizng it? Weak solution of AV fertilizer or fish emulsion works miracles.

There are many-many hybrids and species with different habits. Some bloom once a year. some need cool temperature to stimulate the bloom setting. So -if you crack the window to let some cool air in - may be it will get it.

By the way - they like light - but in my experience - morning light is the best - and they do not get enough if the glass is tinted or has heavy e-coating. Something is missing in the light.

Good Luck


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