Curcuma elata question

Grundoon(z9JaxFL)May 15, 2005

In 2003, one of my friends divided her curcuma elata and gave me two rhizomes which I planted in large black plastic pots.

In short order, these rhizomes had multiplied, bursting through the side of one of the pots and going down into the ground through the drain holes on the other.

I re-potted these; two more big pots and one clump in the ground. Got gorgeous foliage from all but no flowers in 2004.

This year, the ones in the ground have foliage but no flowers.

One of the potted has foliage but no flowers.

The other potted one has three beautiful flowers and no sign of foliage!

What's up with these gorgeous gingers?


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TimChapman(Z8 Louisiana)

They are hard to get to bloom in pots, as you normally need a big clump to get the blooms in spring. They make a massive rhizome system and have several food tubers attached to these. In a pot they often don't get enough nutrients stored. They are big plants that thrive in the ground. Spring bloomers often need more than one season to get big enough to bloom.

A big clump in bloom is an awesome site!

Tim Chapman

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Thank you, Tim
Guess I'd better get them out of the pots and into the ground.

I am not in any way knowledgeable about "food tubers" and maybe when I divided those huge clumps somehow deprived the non-blooming ones of their food tubers. Will be careful when transplanting.

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I sell these two year olds in three gal pots. I have about 30 to 40 per cent in bloom. Needless to say, the bloomers go first. I try to explain that the bloomers are a bonus but I still get :-( !!!

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Okay, Lynn. Are you telling me that some rhizomes produce blooms and others produce foliage? Or, does the age of the rhizome have something to do with it?

I am wondering if the blooms I have are coming from the rhizomes that were given me (hence, older) and the ones with only foliage are the more newly formed rhizomes.

Help and advice are appreciated.


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Ann-Sometimes they bloom and sometimes they don't. Why? I can't answer that. I can only assume that age and growing conditions play a part. Maybe Tim can give us his thoughts.

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