Oak Leaf Hydrangea....

nwgatreasures(7)May 10, 2010

Something's ailing my Oak Leaf Hydrangea.

It is positioned on the eastern side of my garage so it gets morning sun. There is no run-off so the soil isn't boggy, I added a moderate amount of soil amendment when planted last year and it looked better then. I'm broken hearted that it hasn't done better than it has. My neighbor has one and his is already 5 feet tall and full of healthy leaves.

Any ideas on what might be wrong with it and recommendations on how to fix it?


Thanks in advance :)


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susaninnorthga(Zone 7)

That does look strange. Mine are up on a wall that surrounds my backyard. They have done well there, maybe the drainage is good there. I am not an expert on them though, but maybe somehow your drainage isn't enough for them. One of mine actually grew a long shoot at the bottom of the wall. I can't figure out how it did that. Last winter I cut it off and stuck it in the Astilbe planter and it rooted!

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Could it be spider mites? Something very similar is happening to the leaves of my butterfly bush. It's as if they are shrinking into themselves and curling up. The second left from the left in the second picture looks like it has some tiny dots. I'm thinking that is a spider mite sort of symptom! Does anyone else think this might be it?

If you aren't opposed to chemicals, try Bayer All in One. It is a systemic insecticide, fungicide, and fertilizer.

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scmatlanta_gw(8a - Athens GA)

Could it be weedkiller damage? It's surprising how easily roundup and other weedkillers can drift. We had damage to a lot of our shrubs, but the oakleaf hydrangea is particularly badly affected, from weedkiller which drifted over our fence from a neighbor's spraying of his whole backyard.

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buford(7 NE GA)

It does look like round up damage. I've seen it on my roses when I spray near them.

Also, I think if you have spider mites (they should be visible under the leaves) you need a miticide, not a regular insecticide. Unless it says on the label that it kills spider mites. In fact, using too much insecticide kills beneficial insects that take care of spider mites.

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It's possible that it is weedkiller damage.
How do I fix it? or is my plant done for?


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It seems that it will live, but may take some time to recover. If you felt the herbicide was still affecting, you could cut off that part (to keep the poison from interacting with the rest of the plant).

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It's probabaly me who will have lasting damage.
My spouse loves RoundUp and we have argued consistently over what I believe is his over-use of this product, especially around things that are important to me.


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