KarenMN(NYC)October 1, 2004

Have finally succeeded in growing 'Longwood', but they get very tall and out of control looking. Any ideas for growing these more compactly? Also, they're not blooming much even though I'm using bloombooster fertilizer.

They're in an east window. Would they do better under lights? Grow more compactly?

Want to try other Kohlerias. Can anyone recommend others and where to get them?

Any advice much appreciated.

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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

Where to get some kohlerias and where to get good advice on varieties? Well, today this notice was posted on the Gesneriphiles list. I would take a trip out to Morristown to their sale. This chapter of AGGS is one of the largest and best at propagating plants, so it is a safe bet that they will have lots of choice plants to choose from:

"The Freilinghuysen Arboretum Gesneriad Society Will be hosting it's exhibit 'A Palette of Gesneriads' and plant sale on Sunday, October 3, 2004.
Frelinghuysen Arboretum, Hanover Avenue, Morristown, NJ. 11 - 4
For more information or directions e-mail Karyn Cichocki - kc@middletonins.com or call 973-579-7914"

K. 'Longwood' is a well known older hybrid that was found in an old collection in Portugal. It is believed to be a remnant of what was once a great variety of 19th century European kohleria hybrids, now all extinct except for this one and one or two others. It has a beautiful flower and it is famous for getting very leggy as it grows and grows and flowers and flowers. Stems will vine around window collections, greenhouse benches or light stands. If it isn;t blooming then it might be getting too little light or it needs fertilizing. At this time of year a bright window will be just fine. They flower under lights but do very well in bright windows. You can also take cuttings and reroot with buds intact to make a new compact plant. Root the cuttings under lights and enclosed in a plastic bag until rooted well enough that the plant doesn't wilt in open air.

Some great varieties that are much more compact: 'Strawberry Fields', 'Red Ryder', 'Sunshine', 'Roundelay', 'Kapo', 'Lono', to name just a few.


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Thank you once again, Jon. Very interesting history of this hybrid. Who else knows all this.

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