HELP ! I need Streptocarpus advice....

patrickalan(Zone 6/NJ)October 10, 2004

I am new to Streps, and have some plants recently acquired (From Ebay). The plants are young, in solo/deli cups, not in bud, and appear to me to be very fragile. I'm not sure what care they need at this stage - I'm not used to dealing with such young, immature plants....My African Violets of course are always purchased locally and in full bloom.....
but the care of these Streps is the same????
I don't want to kill these young plants...
Can anyone offer some advice on caring for these young recently acquired plants....
Isn't there any place to buy fully grown Streptocarpus plants????

New Jersey

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Hi Alan,

There was a post a little while ago about general strep care, a few pages down. I've made a link to it below. It will be difficult to buy fully grown plants mail order because they are generally too big to ship without receiving a lot of damage. If you are lucky you might find some in a high quality local nursery. You might also try sales from gesneriad plant groups. There's one in your area at the Frelinghuysen (sp?) arboretum next month. Actually I think it's an African violet society but they will surely sell streps as well. Usually those aren't huge either, though. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Discussion on basic strep care

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When I have very young or variegated streps, I water from the outside in.....I water to the outside of the pot, not directly to the plant and let it soak into the rest...streps do not like to be overwatered, and will rot when they are really small very quickly. If I have not been clear just give a holler and I will try and explain better. I also do this with my young Chirita's, these 2 seem more sensitive of water than the rest of the gessies.


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