Ginger & Turmeric for the first time

norma_fl(z9FL)May 31, 2006


I had potted a store bought turmeric rhizome into a potting mix.I had kept it moist all the time for about 4 weeks now.The rhizomes are still plump and look good...but they have not yet sprouted.can anyone help me out and tell if i am doing something wrong or do they take much longer to sprout.?Also I have planted a few ginger rhizomes..bought from store any advice on its care and how long does it take to sprout.



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cocomo(z10 / PR)

Hi Norma:

Turmeric as many other gingers have a long season where all the folliage wilts and dies and the tubers remain dormant for several month (maybe six month or so). My turmeric tuber sprouted about a month ago. So my recomendation is be patient, it may take a mont or so for it to start sprouting. Keep them moist but avoid overwatering so they won't rot. My experience has been they are very easy to grow and produce a lot in a period of one year.

Hope that may be of help...


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Thanks Cocomo...actually did not expect anyone to reply did not check back for a long time.Just as you said it took a few more weeks from the time i started this thread...but both my ginger and turmeric have sprouted.Infact all 3 of my turmeric roots have sprouted and have gorgeous long leaves and the plants are about a foot tall.It was absolutely exciting to see these things come to life after a long time.

Btw what location do you plant them ? Is full shade fine.Also plant them in 5 gallon coantainers or in the ground.Do they survive the winter in Z10 or do they die back?

Thanks ,

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cocomo(z10 / PR)

Hi again:

I plant my turmeric in partial sun / partial shade. Or bright shade. Not in full shade. I have planted mine so far in 1 to 3 gallon containers and they have grown fine. They do survive perfectly here without any mulching. But the folliage, as i said, always dies and the tuber gets dormant for several months.

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Thanks so much cocomo.Appreciate it.

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