Double headed Sago?

carol44May 15, 2008

Is it normal for a sago palm to develop a double head or crown? Mine had a male flower last season and afterwards another crown developed. Now this spring one crown produced new fronds and one crown is producing another male flower. Because of this, it is now getting too big for the space. Is there a way to successfully split the two parts of the plant? Thanks for your help and/or suggestions. Carol

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Sagos do produce pups and they can be removed with a sharp spade shovel, place carefully between parent plant and pup and pry the pup away. Wear gloves and long sleeves. You can propagate the pups, too. Most people only desire a single plant so pup removal is routine maintenance. Good luck!

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I have a two headed sago at home so I guess it is normal for them, you could probably cut one head off but I am not sure if you can split it in two or not.

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