Culinary ginger soil requirements?

valeriannightmaresJune 16, 2010

I have some culinary ginger sprouting that I want to plant in a pot, to let it spread and be happy, and maybe even harvest for food later

I was wondering what sort of soil conditions it needs to be happy? how deep of a pot does ginger need for roots?

Also, I heard that ginger goes dormant in the winter. I planted some ginger in the ground before and I think the frost killed it, could it still come back?


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cjc45(9 Mount Dora FL)

I haven't found any soil yet in which ginger won't grow. It does better if the soil is not too hard or rocky. The pot should be very wide but not too deep. The ginger grows right under the surface.

A lot of gingers, including what we call culinary ginger, go dormant in the winter. We had a very hard winter this year, several freezes and all my gingers that were planted in the ground have come back. The potted ones, not yet. Gingers sprout late so the ones in the ground have been up less than a month. Don't give up yet, however, you can dig up the roots and check them, it won't retard the growth if they're still viable.

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Do they need a shady or sunny spot? I want to start some too. Live in Phoenix so sunny means hot.

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