Fuzzy Hidden Ginger

Grayse(8b LA)June 26, 2004

I was wondering if anyone out there has a Hidden Ginger with leaves that are fuzzy on the undersides? This one will grow to 7'-8' feet, likes shade, and looks like the Curcuma petiolata, but the flower is a lighter pink with a dark spot on each petal. Anyone have this one or know which one it might be? Thank you for reading.


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The only one I can think of is velvet stepladder ginger. But it is not a hidden type ginger.
Check out this site for more pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Costus malortieanus

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TimChapman(Z8 Louisiana)

There are tons of 'fuzzy' Costus, several other species besides C. malortieanus. Regardless, the Curcuma could be one of several, so without a photo of the inflorescence it wouldn't be wise to guess. Given the height, C. elata comes to mind, but the bracts are a solid. But, many Curcuma will get taller in shade than in a sunnier spot. The fuzzy undersides is not a unique feature though. Sooooo many Curcuma are very similar in appearance, that verbal descriptions just don't work.

Tim Chapman

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Grayse(8b LA)

I've looked up the C. elata, and that is not it, and I did look up the one cactusfreak suggested, which is an amazing ginger, but this is not it either. I'll see if I can get a picture of the inflorescence. I've been looking up pics of Curcuma's, and so far, none of them match the inflorescence on this ginger. Thank you for your suggestions, and I will try and get a picture of it to help with the identification.


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greenelbows(z9--so LA)

This is 'my' ginger that grayse is asking about, and I thought I should add a point or two that might help. While it is a 'hidden' ginger, it's not really very well hidden since it blooms in the spring as the leaves are beginning to come up, but before they're big enough to do much 'hiding'. It's one of the first gingers I got after I moved here about 25 years ago, and was given to me by a wonderful gardener who didn't think names were important. Aargh! She gave me several nice plants, some I'm still trying to identify. (I do think names are important, tho' sometimes I'm not sure I remember my own.) I've tried it in several places, and it DID NOT LIKE SUN. In fact, in sun it died. It won't bloom again 'til next spring, so it's going to be awhile before we can post a picture. Hope that's some help. And thanks, Grayse!

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