Got 2 new streps!!! CHEAP too!

Cabarb(Z 9- Fresno, CA)October 2, 2004

I found another place here in Fresno that sells streps. I got two $5.00 apiece, and they are really big..not babies! Going by Rob's pictures, I am pretty sure they are a Red Typhoon and Blue Bonnet. They are so cool! From the huge leaves, I think I could start lots and lots of babies.

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Now, that is a score! I have yet to find any streps anywhere except for Ebay and mailorder.

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Cabarb(Z 9- Fresno, CA)

At least I saved some gas when I got on the phone and started calling various nurseries here in town. Did you try calling any of your nurseries? Mail order is fun tho (I think...I'm very new at this!) as then you can watch the babies grow!!

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not many nurseries in my neighborhood, though there are some further out. i've never seen streps at any of them. but a vendor was selling them at the chicago flower and garden annual show and apparently a guy who bought one brought it into the biggest nursery in the city proper along with the vendor's name. so the nursery decided to order 200 of them! i know because the vendor is in the northern illinois gesneriad society, of which i am now a member. and i have direct access to him all the time, he knows me by first name (i feel like i know somebody famous or something). so the best way is to join a local gessie club!

cool score, by the way. red typhoon is on my want list for next year. in fact, i think the above-mentioned vendor was selling him at the last meeting i went to, but i have so many new plants to take care of, i refrained (talk about self-control!)

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And to think Ebay sellers sell them for about 4 bucks for a tiny cup!

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