How to propagate chirita tamiana by seeds?

Mari11(z5a Toronto)October 1, 2008

I read a few posts about easy propagation of this chirita, but haven't found exact instructions. My chirita finished bloomimg and in a while seed pods turned down not being dry yet. How do I know seeds are ready for harvesting? What do I do with them to grow plants?

I will appreciate any advice!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hi -
as soon as you seed pod will dry - you sprinkle the seeds on the surface of the premoistened soil (1;1;1), mist it - and cover the container. Salad plastic containers work OK.
They need light but not direct sunlight and if the soil gets dry - mist it again - and in no time you would have hundreds of miniscule seedlings popping up. You wait until you are comfortable to handle them - and start repotting.

Good Luck


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My tamianas don't usually produce seeds out of every flower. I guess they don't always self-pollinate successfully. If the seedpod remains skinny, bends down and falls off soon after the flower wilted, then seeds didn't develop. If self-pollination was successful, the seedpod will grow fatter, and then only after a few days it will dry up and then split along its length. It will be noticeably fatter, you'll know right away when you see it. For a few of the first flowering cycles I didn't get any seeds from my plant, and then I started getting maybe one seedpod per flower stem. It could be that older plants will have seeds more often, but I don't know for sure.

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