fragrant alpinia purpurata update

mark9zeJune 12, 2004

This is a progress report on what I am calling a fragrant alpinia purpurata, only because as I remember it, it was highly scented. They almost did not make it through the Minnesota winter, I even question it still, they were not outside of course, but inside in the basement under artificial light MH/FLOR for the past 9 months, never seeing the light of day. It either got too hot, too cold, too much light, not enough light, too much water, not enough water, or any combination of the above to leave them just barely hanging on. The only saving grace was that a dose of hydrogen peroxide or carbonated water seemed to give them a boost. I on occasion have attempted to place them outdoors, after June 1, but I will need to monitor the weather still, seeing as we have been experiencing wet and cool conditions and just one night of 45 degree temperature will set them back an entire week. As it stands there are 2 1 gallon containers each with 2 stocks 3" tall in a soil mixture of equal parts manure/compost, vermiculite and shredded cedar mulch, it seems to hold air and drain well. At my most desperate I used a mixture of sp peat moss/vermiculite and changed to smaller pots only to find out it would of been better not to disturb them at all. There is a photo posted in the gallery under: should be fragrant alpinia was a larger picture and showed scale but was trimmed to be able to be posted under 61k, I noticed larger pictures at less k than mine? Anyone interested can find more information on how I came about having this plant buy doing a search under fragrant alpinia purpurata. I am unclear as to when these plants will bloom seeing as the past 9 months have been troublesome, I will give them optimal conditions/power fertilize for the summer and attempt to keep them in sunlight next winter. Anymore developments will be posted.... till next time Mark

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suthronrose(z8 FL)

They are known to flower year around in warmer climates like zone 9 and up. Bloom time in zones where they die back in the winter is late July till August depending on growth,age and zone. They are cold sensitive but prefer shade to full sun.
Keep us updated on your Pink Ginger!

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