Please help for my Jasmine plant

juish1October 13, 2008

I live in NJ(Zone 6b). I have 3 Jasmine plants (Maid of Orleans) that are planted in pots and 1 gardenia. They were all siiting on the porch in the summer and had good bloom.Since the nightly temperatures are below 50 I brought them indoors. I have a large window but no direct sunlight where they are sitting now. I mist the leaves regularly and water them by touching the soil but lately the plant is shedding green leaves of it and the buds wothout blooming. Even my gradenia which is in a pot,its leaves are turning yellow ondoor. Please HELP me as the plants are healthy and I don't want them to die. PLease let me know what am I doing wrong or how to take care of it.

Thanks in advance

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Don't panic! Your plants are adjusting to the lower light levels indoors, some leaves turning yellow and dropping is normal. But with now direct sunlight, they're not going to be happy at all during the winter, nor will they bloom.

If you can't move them to a sunnier spot, seriously consider getting a compact fluorescent lamp or two, or even an actual plant light, to raise the light levels. Without supplemental light, they're going to be very hard to keep alive all winter. Also, remember that when the light is lower, they don't need as much water, so ease up on the watering and skip the fertilizer. Finally, these plants really like some air movement to keep stems strong and keep the bugs away; if you've got a fan you can turn on them or keep the window open a crack, they'll do better.

Good luck!


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Thankyou Jim for your reply.I did buy some fluorescent grow lights from Wal-Mart as I have a few Coleus in my basement, but even they don't look happy. I read in some other post that plants may need some chelated iron and that is why gardenia is turning yellow. My only concern is the green leaves of Jasmine falling without turning yellow. I fyou have anyother suggestions please let me know.

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I agree with Jim.When environment surruonding the plant change to less than normal required for healthy growth they come under stress and will go thru the process that your plants are going thru.One of the other few reasons could be less Nitrogen available for growth.Another thing I practice with my plants is to feed lesser water during overwintering,only when the surface of the soil looks dry. the house near the plants at around 70 Deg. F will help.

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